Virat Kohli leads pay rise call ahead of fresh contract talks

Days after raising the issue of cramped schedules getting in the way of proper preparation for big series such as the upcoming tour of South Africa,

India captain Virat Kohli has now demanded a greater share of India’s cricket wealth for the players ahead of contract talks scheduled this week.

‘Women entrepreneurs to usher in prosperity’

Ivanka Trump (in pic), US president Donald Trump’s daughter and top adviser, praised the growing economic and security ties between the US and India at a high-profile business summit in Hyderabad on Tuesday.

She made the remarks ahead of an address by prime minister Narendra Modi, who had personally invited her to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, using the event to drive home the US government’s focus on tax cuts and removing red tape.

IoT may soon take over homes

Thirty-one-year-old Ganga Aachar is a domain expert in The Internet of Things (IoT) at an MNC company in Bangalore. She drives minimum three hours a day between home and her workplace. She’s extremely passionate about this promising technology, IoT, as she believes it has the potential to bring tangible respite to housewives and households in handling domestic chores.

Startup Unleashes Big Data on Art Investing

Hedge funds and some of the world’s biggest banks have embraced the predictive properties of machine learning to spot patterns and guide their investment decisions. Could this branch of artificial intelligence be used to divine the vagaries of the art market? A New York startup says it can.

Tesla’s Newest Promises Break the Laws of Batteries

Elon Musk knows how to make promises. Even by his own standards, the promises made last week while introducing two new Tesla vehicles—the heavy-duty Semi Truck and the speedy Roadster—are monuments of envelope pushing. To deliver Tesla would have to far exceed what is currently thought possible.

Life is not a song for Padmavati

Amid the raging controversy over film Padmavati, an education officer in Madhya Pradesh’s Dewas district has issued a circular banning a song from the period drama from being played at cultural programmes in schools.

However, the district collector ordered for withdrawal of the circular with immediate effect and said a show cause notice was being served to the officer concerned to explain his action.

Global studios, broadcasters come shopping to India

A large contingent of global producers, film studios, broadcasters, distributors, content acquisition heads and financiers of entertainment shows for kids and general audience has descended on Bangalore last week end.

5% e-com transactions fraudulent

In e-commerce, transactions representing five per cent of the total Gross Merchandise Value is fraudulent. Almost half of online retail consumers have experienced some fraud directly or indirectly. India stands amongst the top four countries in the Asia Pacific region in terms of highest digital adoption, digital banking account sign-up and utilisation. The fast pace at which digital adoption has happened also has seen rise in digital frauds, finds global information services company Experian, in its Asia Pacific Fraud Insights report.

Hackers stole data from 57 million Uber riders, drivers: CEO

Uber has said that hackers compromised personal data from some 57 million riders and drivers in a breach kept hidden for a year.

Two members of the Uber information security team who "led the response" that included not alerting users that their data was breached were let go from the San Francisco-based company effective on Tuesday, according to chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi.

Stolen files included names, email addresses, and mobile phone numbers for riders, and the names and driver license information of some 600,000 drivers, according to Uber.