How Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 compares with iPhone X

When Microsoft revealed a replacement to Windows 8, it skipped the number 9 and went straight to Windows 10. Apple’s iPhone 8 was followed by the iPhone X (pronounced “ten”). But Samsung refused to follow: The successor to its Galaxy S8 is the Galaxy S9 (and a larger S9 Plus), and it’s coming out in March.

Samsung launches Galaxy S9 with focus on social media

Samsung Electronics unveiled its flagship Galaxy S9 smartphone on Sunday with an emphasis on visual applications for social media, hoping to attract tech-savvy young consumers to weather a market slowdown.

With the global smartphone market set to stay flat

or even shrink after meagre growth of one percent last year, vendors are focusing on features designed to encourage young consumers to ditch their old phones earlier than they would have previously.

Infy shareholders approve Salil Parekh

Infosys shareholders have approved the appointment of Salil S Parekh as chief executive officer and managing director of the company, the company said in a regulatory filing.

As per results of postal ballot and e-voting filed by the IT major, 97.96 per cent shareholders through physical ballot and electronic mode voted in favour of appointment of Parekh on February 20,2017.

Also, 99.98 per cent Infosys shareholders approved appointment of UB Pravin Rao as chief operating officer and whole time director of the company.

Niti CEO for early EU-India FTA ratification

Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant on Thursday said it is “extremely important” for the India-EU free trade pact to be ratified at the earliest as countries like Bangladesh and Vietnam already enjoy preferential access to European markets.

Kant also said the global suppliers will otherwise start looking at other avenues for sourcing as China was slowly ceding ground in the apparel space.

Nobody wants to let google win the war for maps

On any given day, there could be a half dozen autonomous cars mapping the same street corner in Silicon Valley. These cars, each from a different company, are all doing the same thing: building high-definition street maps, which may eventually serve as an on-board navigation guide for driverless vehicles.

At last, a woman takes centre stage of India’s technology industry

In a sign of the times, the organisation that speaks for and champions India’s $167 billion IT services industry will soon get its first female head.

Intel Corp veteran Debjani Ghosh takes over as president of the National Association of Software and Services Companies in April -- three decades after its formation. After a two-decade career at the US chipmaker, most recently as managing director for South Asia, Ghosh will lead the trade body that represents global leaders in software outsourcing from Tata Consultancy Services Ltd to Infosys Ltd.

High-skilled Indians step up protests against UK immigration policies

Indian professionals have stepped up their fight against what they characterise as a hostile immigration policies of the UK government and joined forces with migrants from other countries for a major protest outside the British Parliament here this week.

The Highly Skilled Migrants group, which represents nearly 1,000 doctors, engineers, IT professionals and teachers from countries outside the European Union (EU), will bring toge­ther migrants from Sou­th Asia and Africa for one of its biggest prot­ests so far on Wednesday.

E-Vehicles in India May Raise Risk of Cyber-Security Breaches

India’s dependence on imported components for electric vehicles could make the country vulnerable to cyber-security breaches, according to the government’s chief policy think-tank.

India should manufacture the majority of the parts needed for its electric vehicle fleet as equipment shi­pped from overseas could be compromised, VK Saraswat, a member of the think-tank, Niti Aayog, said in an interview. All of the software and at least 55 per cent of the components need to be ma­de locally to keep electric vehicles and the grid secure.

Tell-tale thriller spills truth of diamond trade

Ravi Subramanian, a former banker with deep insider knowledge of the banking industry, for which he is often described as the ‘John Grisham of banking’ wrote ‘In the name of God’, a novel published by Penguin Books about the gems and jewellery trade in which the fictional character of Nirav Choksi is the central figure. Against the background of the PNB scam, with Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi in the cross-hairs of the investigation agencies, there is renewed interest in the thriller. Here are select excerpts from the book about the grimy world of the jewellery trade.

Usage of air purifiers at commercial spaces to drive residential demand

Despite air pollution in metro cities rising to alarming levels, the growth of air purifiers in India has still not picked up well. The industry, however, finds that adoption of air purifiers in commercial and office spaces will drive the growth of residential purifiers.

The air purifier market in India is just about Rs 200-250 crore whereas a smaller country like South Korea has an air purifier market of $3.8 billion. Even from a low base, Indian air purifier market is growing only by 35 to 40 per cent.