Gen Z is set to outnumber millennials within a year

Millennials are about to be surpassed by Generation Z. Gen Zers will comprise 32 per cent of the global population of 7.7 billion in 2019, nudging ahead of millennials, who will account for a 31.5 per cent share, based on Bloomberg analysis of United Nations data, and using 2000-2001 as the generational split.

Indian IT firms abuse rules, don’t blame Trump

Some of the Indian IT companies and their immigration departments have to be blamed if the US president Donald Trump had gone overboard recently on H-IB visa restrictions and regulations around immigration, said KV Kumar, an American Indian businessman who has served many presidents, from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump, in multiple capacities.

UrbanClap to add 10L active service professionals in 4 yrs

UrbanClap will have 10 lakh active service professionals on board in the next three to four years. While doing so, it will not just get those from the unorganised sector to join it, but train a lot many fresh hands as well. UrbanClap currently has one lakh registered professionals. But those who are active on the platform are 30,000. These professionals come under two broad categories- personal service and home service.

Milap looks to bridge gap between healthcare cost and affordability

Milaap, India’s leading crowd funding platform for personal and social causes and especially for medical crowd-funding, is betting big on the expanding gap between India’s private healthcare spending and out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, which include savings, borrowings and support from friends and family.

Manchester eyes Indian tech startups

Manchester, often billed as the football capital of the UK, has many other things to offer to India and its soccer capital – Kolkata in particular.

FIMI appoints Sunil Duggal as president

The Federation of Indian Mineral Industries (FIMI) – an all-India apex body to promote the interests of mining (including coal), exploration, mineral processing, metal making and other mineral-based industries – has appointed Sunil Duggal, the CEO of Hindustan Zinc, as its new president. 

5 out of 10 best paid US jobs in healthcare

For the fourth consecutive year, the technology sector boasted the highest-paying jobs in the US, according to an annual report from Glassdoor.

Thirteen of the 25 highest-paying jobs this year were in tech, up from 11 in 2017, according to the report, which was released on Wednesday. Within the industry, enterprise architects, software development managers, software engineering managers and software architects received the highest pay, with the lowest average base salary well over $100,000.

Aster DM to invest Rs 950 cr on hospital projects

Aster DM Healthcare will be investing Rs 950 crore before the end of next fiscal on setting up new hospitals in India and Gulf region. The healthcare chain with operations in India and Gulf region will be adding new hospitals, clinics and pharmacies in the current as well as next fiscal. In India, this year it will commission a Greenfield project – 200-bed multi-specialty hospital in Kerala’s Kannur district and a 220-bed hospital in Bangalore, which is under operation and management contract. Next year, it will enter the Chennai market with a 500-bed tertiary care hospital.

Like it or not Goggle tracks your movements Associated Press

Google wants to know where you go so badly that it records your movements even when you explicitly tell it not to.

An Associated Press investigation found that many Google services on Android devices and iPhones store your location data even if you've used privacy settings that say they will prevent it from doing so.

Computer-science researchers at Princeton confirmed these findings at the AP’s request.

Tirumala temple hundi collection falls to Rs 73 lakh

The ongoing six-day vedic ceremony at the famous hill shrine of Lord Venkateswara has affected daily collections at the sacred 'hundi,' which hit a record low of Rs 73 lakh against Rs 3 crore today, a temple official said.

The temple hundi attracts cash offerings to the tune of Rs 3 crore or more besides gold and other offerings on a daily basis, the official said adding the income registered a dip due to restrictions on entry of devotees into the shrine on account of 'Astabandhana Balalaya Maha Samprokshanam' ritual.