Emami gets ‘India Ka Naya Chehra’
The new brand campaign for BoroPlus Healthy White Fairness cream champions the spirit of modern Indian women who march on to fulfil their ambition, uninhibited by harsh environment

BSE-listed Emami Ltd is now coming up with a new brand campaign for BoroPlus Healthy White Fairness Cream, driven by the new campaign line and philosophy that women are ‘India Ka Naya Chehra’.

Breaking all stereotypes, women in India are embracing unique professions and passions. They are the India Ka Naya Chehra. With such an active lifestyle, women are on the lookout for a face care product which is not for superficial beauty but that would nourish the skin from within, help repair the damaged skin and allow them to sport their original healthy glow & radiance against all environmental challenges.

“And the objective of the new campaign is to position the brand as something that supports Indian women in this journey. BoroPlus Healthy White Fairness Cream with its goodness of 21 ayurvedic herbs along with its trusted antiseptic action works from inside to revive the touch of health in one’s original skin by

efficiently removing dark spots & uneven skin tone and thereby supports her in this journey,” top company officials said.

The new television commercial has been made by Kopal Naithani, one of the most promising women directors in the Indian ad business. The 45-second film shows the face of today’s power women of India. This is a country where girls like Avani Chaturvedi ( the first Indian woman fighter plane pilot) or  Riya Yadav (a second-year student becoming the youngest female rider to conquer Khardung La - the World's Highest Motorable Pass in Ladakh). The television commercial champions this incredible spirit, depicted by the women pilot and biker, who marches on to fulfil their ambition – uninhibited by the harsh environment around them. ‘She’ is not afraid of any obstacles coming in her way and overcomes all barriers to achieve her dreams.

“Today’s woman is ‘IndiaKaNayaChehra’ as she goes ahead in her pursuit to achieve her objective without worrying about external and internal aggressors. The existing beauty creams in the market offer solutions to your skin conditions but only from the outside. The skin which is exposed to the harsh environmental conditions every day needs more than just a product to make it healthy. That is where BoroPlus Healthy White Fairness Cream comes to your rescue. Our television commercial thus shows women of today in challenging roles who cannot be thwarted by environmental aggresses because they have the power of BoroPlus Healthy White Fairness Cream,” said Priti A Sureka, director, Emami Ltd.

She said that the mandate given to the creative agency had been to create something to reach out to the target group with the key brand message that BoroPlus Healthy White Fairness Cream does not offer superficial beauty. The product offers replenishing the lost quality of the facial skin and reviving its original healthy tone. It celebrates the innate originality of today’s women who are confident, passionate and live life to the fullest. The key communication wanted to focus on today’s woman power who takes up every challenge in life with great élan. It is not about skin whitening but about the fair opportunities for women who do not consider any internal or external aggresses as a hurdle and go on pursuing their passions and dreams.

The other key message, the leading FMCG company wanted to put across to the customers and target group was that environmental damage shouldn’t act as a hindrance either to fairness or to potential or the achievements, possible by the women of today. And BoroPlus Healthy White Fairness Cream repairs damage from the inside, giving “nikhar” to the skin. And exactly what the new campaign suggests.


Ritwik Mukherjee