Exide brings in maintenance free battery

Exide Industries Ltd, South Asia’s largest lead acid storage battery maker and India’s largest manufacturer of lead acid storage batteries and power storage solutions provider, has now come up with a new range of completely sealed and maintenance free battery for the automotive after-market. Branded as Advanz, this incidentally is India’s first completely sealed and maintenance free battery for the automotive after-market, top company officials said, adding that The battery is currently the only one of its kind in the Indian market that does not require any topping up. 

The Kolkata-headquartered Rs 8700 crore-plus company had earlier rolled out another new range of automotive batteries for the Indian market branded as ‘Epiq’.

“As a customer focused company it has always been our endeavor to listen to the modern automobile enthusiasts’ needs and offer the most relevant product for the market. Advanz is not only aesthetically and cosmetically advanced with a clear translucent lid and other such features, it is also way ahead of competition in terms of technology,” said Arnab Saha, president – national trade sales and marketing (Exide).

Interestingly, the company topbrass thinks that as the Indian automotive market matures and new generation cars become more demanding with a slew of electrical gadgets putting more load on the vehicle’s electrical system, the battery has to live up to the expectations of the modern auto enthusiast and keep pace with this changing trend. Exide sources the best technology in the world to make a battery that will last for a long time in the Indian conditions. The whole idea is to take the automotive battery technology in the country to the next generation.

For instance, Advanz boasts a Ca-Ca alloy system, which ensures no topping up is necessary during the entire service life of the battery. It also comes with effective flame arrestors with micro porous filter disc in vent openings to arrest acid fumes and restrict spark propagation inside the battery.

Top company officials said, “Years of market research and consumer insight have gone into the fine tuning of the battery. It comes with a low self-discharge rate, which ensures the car will start despite long idle period and with better cranking power the battery promises instant start every time. These batteries also come as factory-charged and ready-to-use, making it market ready from the moment it hits the store shelf.”


Ritwik Mukherjee