Inculcating positive attitude
Mind management can be fun when accompanied with logic and reasoning to face the situation

Anita Vyas or Annu as she is called, is a lady with a mission to help every child. And she does this with ‘Mind Management’ workshops.

Annu in her unique way is making an effort to equip students between the age groups of 10-20, with the technique to identify and filter information so that they are able to lead a balanced life in the present moment. This further helps the millennials to take informed decisions and not just as a reaction to stimuli or by succumbing to peer pressure.

Her workshop - Annu’s mind management and personality development - is a two and a half hour group session, orienting children identify numerous thoughts at any given point in time. She helps identify fears, past learnt behavior and thoughts.

Priced at Re.10 per participant, the workshops are conducted in and around Nasik. She happily waives off fees for economically weaker students.

What’s been her teaching module?

“I have different module as per the event and the students’ requirement. I am targeting students from sixth standard onward. I have placed students in separate groups - secondary, higher secondary, college, exclusively for girls. Apart from students I aim to help teachers too, to make use of mind management and benefit them and society. This is a sixteen hour course. For schools and colleges it has been made a compact course of two and a half hours. With power point presentations, various examples from life to make the content penetrate deeper as to touch and evolve one at the root level. So the beautiful self is reflected in the society.”

As she claims all her modules have been made interactive rather than taking it just as another lecture. He guides students to face campus interviews.

“I try to inculcate the value for our traditions, cultural heritage, oral traditions, and respect for intangible heritage.”

In her class, self is discussed at length and nature as a reflection of self. With a belief in one’s self and realising one’s preciousness one can prepare himself/ herself to navigate through different challenges of life.

Positive attitude is imbibed to live a fruitful life. Stress is put on the purity of heart as well as the smartness of mind. A smart mind is the need of the Millennium. Annu’s Mind & Personality management aims at preparing students to be aware of their smart minds through Thought power or Thought scape and be well armed with mind power to face any challenge.

“It stresses upon the inner virtues that are always reflected outside. Destructive personality traits like jealousy, hatred, over confidence, arrogance, false ego are dealt too along with absence of confidence, difficulty in focusing, hesitation, stage fright, wandering mind etc. Basically any problem the student or professionals take as a problem is dealt in Mind management,” she says.

Stress is put on self-belief through self-talk and understanding one’s sediment talents. Potential talents are brought forth by oneself and to show case them at the right platform.

“Mind management is huge. So different topics are handled according to the need however it is taken care as all should understand the foundation and evolve walking on it further all by themselves,” she explains.

As a single mother Annu well understands the perils of youth as mother, mentor. She recalls, “I tried to conduct the first class at home and kept free sessions. Being new to Nasik, I hardly knew anyone. I conducted workshops for my tuition students and neighbors. I moved from school to school, college to college. First the principals had to be explained. In the process I met Principal Dr Sahebrao Shinde of CMCS college MPV Samaj and got referred to the Agriculture college. I conducted workshops there. And the process started.”

Asked about her inspiration, she says, “In October 2017 Dr Gautam Chatterjee  took thought management for tribal in Jhabua. It was free sessions on thought management on tribal and seeing the response I got moved. I rediscovered my mentor ship with new zeal as for over decades I have been doing Mind Management more in informal way. It was not to earn money that time and this time too,” she says, adding, “the other day I met a principal who was so impressed that he wished me to conduct this workshop for the professors as well.”