Journalist Marvi Sirmed’s house ransacked, passports and laptop missing

Veteran Pakistani journalist Marvi Sirmed’s Islamabad residence was found ransacked on Thursday.

Pak’s game of thrones

Even as fears persist of unfair polls, pre-poll rigging or deep–seated biases of powerful institutions like the army and the higher judiciary affecting the result, Pakistan is finally going to the

Diplomatic Enclave: Naval reach in Indian Ocean

Ports and isolated islands are the hottest real estate in the Indian Ocean region with both China and India looking to develop ports or bases along the Indian Ocean littoral.

Freedom Files: Power Play

Circa 1950 was as momentous a year in Kashmir’s chequered history as any other. On May 1, 1950, Sadar-i-Riyasat Karan Singh issued a proclamation convoking a Constituent Assembly.

Big Interview: The Road Ahead

The journey of Anchor Group began in 1962 with a moulding unit to manufacture components for electrical accessories.

Public Interest: Know the quality of your basmati rice before picking it

There are hundreds of varieties of rice grown and eaten throughout the world.

Spy’s eye: Kashmir- gaining from experience

Developments during the Ramzan ceasefire that laid bare the Pak-instigated terrorism in Kashmir and underscored the contradictions within the coalition, have finally led to the break up of PDP- BJP

Move strategically

India has been sucked into the whirlpool of a raging global trade war involving the big boys.

Ruminations: Yoga as mass mobilisation

Four years of being in power inevitably exerts a gravitational pull on a government's popularity ratings and the Modi government is no exception.

Close-in: Testing Time

The historical Test between India and Afghanistan turned out to be a complete dampener as regards the conventional form of the game.