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Theatre and the Art of Improvisation

There is a lovely saying by Flavia Weedn: If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces, never be afraid to pick one of those pieces and begin again.”

Lushin Dubey: Scorches the Stage

Lushin Dubey is a woman of Substance.

Ira Dubey: An Actor’s Delight

My last article was actor centric and about how the spark on stage is lit by the brilliance of a good actor.

Upstaged by Kids!

Admittedly as an actor I don’t relish being upstaged by a child, but as a parent and as a director I know how important it is for them to leave their mark on the world and how important it is to ma

Flaunt The Rules Onstage

Nowhere else would I say this with such candour... but to a stage actor. Or any actor for that matter. The very fact you are a stage actor means you are a risk taker, someone who craves adventure.

Backstage is where the real lessons are learnt

Time passes, never to return. How precious time is has been the subject of so many songs and scripts and has inspired many great love stories.