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AD 2014

On October 21, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was at the Red Fort to unfurl the national flag.

A changing political landscape

Just like the ‘Mode-versus-all’ situation developing at the centre, Telangana is witnessing the same phenomenon in the upcoming assembly election.

Newsmaker: Control rods dropped to halt chain reaction

The most  obvious consequence of a meltdown is shutdown. The overheating caused by the war between CBI No. 1 Alok Verma and No.

Close fight as anti-incumbency stares at BJP

Since its formation in 2000, the severely naxal-affected state Chhattisgrah is going to witness the assembly election for the fifth time.

Newsmaker: From hall of fame to shame

Before the #MeToo cloud gathered in the  sky, MJ Akbar would often join the ranks of the government’s trouble-shooters to weather political storms.

‘Rani lao’ call changes to ‘Rani hatao’

If pre-poll surveys are taken into account then Rajasthan appears to be the weakest link for the BJP which had swept the state five years ago, much like other Hindi heartland bastions of Madhya Pra

Mystery deaths of nuke scientists

Behind the high walls of secrecy surrounding the Indian nuclear establishment lies discomforting and unexplained trails of an unusually large number of scientists dying.

Newsmaker: Voice of dissent with strong resonance

Where majority prevails, voices of dissent have the strongest resonance.

Newsmaker: Straight talking professor

Raghuram Rajan is out of India but India is not yet done with him; the Katherine Dusak Miller Distinguished Service Professor of Finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business contin

Urban Naxals

Standing for the cause or chaos?