Kriti Jain
Assistant Professor & Marie Curie Research Fellow
IE Business School, Spain
My Stories
RISKFACTOR: Feel free to fail Continuous learning is the hallmark of growth and development and our own experiences is one treasure that we can tap on for this learning process.
RISKFACTOR: YOU’RE FIRED Losing one’s job is always stressful.
RISKFACTOR: Have your say Continuous learning is the hallmark of growth and development. Giving and receiving feedback is, therefore, an important element within organisations.
RISKFACTOR: Expect the Unexpected We have all experienced crisis situations at some point or the other in our lives — be it personal or professional.
RISKFACTOR: Don’t overreach Think of the following statements — “No matter what I do, I have the highest standards for myself.” “I never settle for second best.” “I will wait for the best option no matter how long it takes.” If
RISKFACTOR: Hindsight bias How many times have you come across people who seem to know it all? Heard people say ‘I told you so’ or ‘this was bound to happen’?
RISKFACTOR: What kind of leader When you think of Barack Obama, what words come to your mind about his leadership? Charismatic, heroic, kind, compassionate, doer, etc.? Transformational?
RISKFACTOR: As Fickle as the frame Who do we believe in as experts — does it have to do with what people wear?
RISKFACTOR: Build that bridge Let’s do this exercise first. Take a paper and tear it into several small pieces. Next, mix up the pieces in a chaotic fashion.
RISKFACTOR: Busyness = business Have you noticed people complain about things like crazy schedules, always racing against time, exhausted, in need of vacation?