Kriti Jain
Assistant Professor & Marie Curie Research Fellow
IE Business School, Spain
My Stories
RISKFACTOR: You live, you learn How do we deal with failures? A lot of it depends on our mindset. The concept of mindset and its influence on how people think, act, and interact with others has been well-researched scientifically.
RISKFACTOR: Love @ work Romantic love is always an engaging topic, and especially so when it comes to the workplace context. Dating a coworker is an exciting yet a risky idea.
RISKFACTOR: Being heard & respected I am soon going to start teaching a group of lawyers and another group of business professionals. Issues of fairness and justice is something we often discuss.
RISKFACTOR: How fit is your CEO? Marathons have come a long way.
RISKFACTOR: Let’s all be OK There is a classic book titled I’m OK – You’re OK by Thomas Harris that outlines four major life positions: a) I’m not OK – You’re not OK (Futile position); b) I’m not OK – You’re OK (Depressive posit
RISKFACTOR: Me, myself and I Have you noticed how the news and pictures that we share on social media are about our successes and good times?
Riskfactor: Know. Do. Be Recently, we as a group of academics got together to discuss the kind of education and training we would like to impart to our students and train them to be leaders.
Riskfactor: Watch Out Benjamin Franklin famously said “It takes many good deeds to build a reputation, and only one bad one to lose it”.
Riskfactor: Tick-tock, tick-tock All of us experience the same limited and constant amount of time each day — 24 hours. However, we have heard several people say “I don’t seem to have time?” irrespective of how busy they really are.
Riskfactor: Quiet, please? One of the most common complaints that one gets to hear from those working in offices these days is about their noisy colleagues.