Kuruvilla Pandikattu
The writer is a professor of science and religion
My Stories
How do we explain pain and passion? The holy week that the christians celebrate this week recalls the excruciating pain and passion of Jesus. Traditionally it is thought that Jesus suffered for the sins of humanity.
Religion and science are driven by reason The goal of religion is to seek truth, to remove ignorance and fear and not perpetuate myths and lies. Believers need truth as much as non-believers do.
The rewards of attentiveness How is paying attention related to being spiritual? Many thinkers are of the opinion that one who is attentive tends to be more compassionate and spiritual.
Human bias towards happiness There is a universal bias for positive words and happiness in human languages, notes a recent study conducted by University of Vermont and reported in the Science Daily.
The five deaths that we suffer In the sixteenth century, French philosopher Michel de Montaigne, in his Essays, wrote, “To begin depriving life of its greatest advantage over us, let us deprive death of its strangeness, let us freq
Interspirituality and the quest for life Can one be interspiritual? Can one be deeply rooted to one’s own spirituality and at the same time open to the others’?
The happy wisdom of the elderly When are we the happiest? When resea­rchers ask people to assess their own well-being, people in their 20s rate themselves highly. Then there’s a decline as people get sadder in middle age.
Why we need to save our languages We are faced with the extinction of most of the world’s 6,000 languages, a great many of which are spoken by small groups of indigenous people. Why should we care?
Defining success differently Researchers spent four decades studying a group of mathematically talented adolescents, finding that by mid-life, they were extraordinarily accomplished and enjoyed a high level of life satisfaction.
Promoting peace through psychology Looking around the world of violence and bloodshed, we are tempted to believe that war is inevitable, conflict is unavoidable.