Kuruvilla Pandikattu
The writer is a professor of science and religion
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Science is not an enemy of faith

A call to be mutually supportive of each other has been made to science and religion in James G Martin’s latest book Revelation Through Science.  Martin, a retired American politician who serv

When cohabiting includes microbes

When we share lives together, there is much more than emotional or spiritual bond.

Can drugs enhance spiritual experience?

Can controlled intake of drugs enhance religious experience. Can we compare the functioning of such drugs with other religious practices like prayer and meditation? 

A leader with purpose garners more respect

We know that in one’s personal life, purpose is very significant. It is equally true of organisations and their leaders.

Lead kindly, and you will go places

We know some bosses who are cruel beyond imagination.  Their very presence is enslaving. They cause so much of harm to the subjects under them.

Science is a prism that reflects life

Today science is enjoying a much-needed moment in the popular cultural zeitgeist, as indicated by march for science held in April 2017 and the popular TV show Bill Nye Saves the World, by Bill Nye

Stop letting blood in the name of god We are familiar with people who assume that they have to give acceptable sacrifices to the gods — the gods who control harvests and herds, for instance — to keep the gods on their side.
Give science and religion their due With some frequency, we read or hear of the notion that it is somehow unscientific to believe in god and to seek his guidance in making the most of our lives.
Conservation of nature & religion Religious experiences have been intimately linked with nature.
Tech is but a tool, digital era or not Does our digital world make us make happier? We tend to accept that technology will always be a mixed bag and we have to take the bad with the good, writes journalist Kira M Newman in Yes!