M Muneer
CEO and managing director, CustomerLab Solutions
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Branding In The ‘No-Control’ Era

Data privacy or not, everyone including my driver thinks that by not being in social media we are irrelevant.

Developing Brand Advocates

What’s the ultimate challenge for brands? Getting their customers to become brand or business advocates.

The Always-On Customers

This is the age of road warriors and ‘always-on’ devices, marketplaces and customers. That implies you are always on some devices, whether it is a tab or a mobile.

An outside-in perspective can trigger growth

For long, Patricia Seybold (celebrated author of Customers.com and my partner in thought leadership sessions) and I had been writing on the importance of making it easier for customers to do busine

Engage Customers With Stories

The economist Steven Levitt and a journalist Dubner teamed up to write stories around various concepts of macro economics under the title Freakonomics and became best selling authors.

Right Price For Brands

Ever wondered why a Mini Cooper is priced so high in India, way above most luxury cars in its segment, and more than double the US prices of the same spec car?

Loyalty With Omni-Channels

The bizarre valuations in e-tailing are taking India by surprise. Flipkarts of the world are imitating Amazon but with no innovation drive.

SMEs need more marketing focus

More than 75 per cent of SMEs (Small and medium enterprises) are manufacturers rather than marketers. Most often they have difficulty differentiating marketing from sales.

Relationship in Retail

Retail has almost come of age in India. Many big retailers keep good database on customer demographics and spending patterns.

Scaling Up Customer Base

Building up a strong customer base and improving profitable sales growth are major challenges for all types of businesses, be it a start-up or a conglomerate going global.