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Gizmo Geek: Fly Your Way to Fitness

They say you can’t put a price on fitness. But would you pay in six figures to get that fit, toned body—sweat, toil and tears extra?

Timeless Timepieces

Come March, every enthusiastic horologist’s antenna swings towards Basel, Switzerland. No surprises here, for that’s when Baselworld, the world’s foremost watch and jewellery show, comes to town.

Gizmo Geek: Stax Sound of Music

If one were to set out on a quest to find the best headphones that money could buy, the chances are that one would zero in on an electrostatic earpiece.

Flying without wings

With virtual reality poised to become mainstream, the marketplace is abuzz with all kinds of peripherals to help make the virtual a little more real—or should we say “fantastic”?

Go BOXX-y!

What can you say about a 5,000-dollar electric scooter that can either be described as a ride-able suitcase or something out of the boxy tech of Star Trek from the 1960s?

Gizmo Geek: The TV that puts itself away

The nerds of the world usually have their eyes peeled in the direction of Las Vegas towards the start of every year.

Gizmo Geek: Drone to Work, Drone to Play

Till such time that flying cars become a reality, our fantasies of zipping around in air to get to office or dropping by at a friend’s remain castles in the air.

Joyride Into Outer Space

Was it only last week that I was likening passenger space flights to science fiction?

Gizmo Geek: Luxury timepieces that reach for the stars

Till such time as reality meets science-fiction, and summer holiday space cruises and weekend moon landings become possible, we only have our imaginations to take us where few have gone before.

Gizmo Geek: Liquid-Cooled Gaming Powerhouse

Ask any gamer about their dream gaming machine and you are sure to light a gleam in their eyes.