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Gizmo Geek: Here’s the Fridge of the Future It’s a safe bet that when we set aside a budget to buy a fancy new fridge, we don’t imagine that it might cost almost as much as a car.
Gizmo Geek: Weightless in your living room What would you call a piece of engineering that manifests as a chair so comfortable that it makes you feel weightless? An early April Fool’s wind-up comes to mind.
Gizmo Geek: Photo frame reinvented Raise your hand if you — or someone you know — has owned one of those ghastly digital photo frames. While they are great in theory, they do undeniably de-class your entire décor. But no more.
Gizmo Geek: The Edge of Luxury In case you thought last week’s Porsche Design Huawei smartphone was the cradle of luxury, we have news for you: you haven’t seen anything yet, baby.
Gizmo Geek: Smartphone with a dash of Porsche Elegance Smartphone is likely not the first thing that comes to mind when you think ‘Porsche’. But here is an Android device might just be set to change that.
Gizmo Geek: Work Like an Emperor Whether one wor-ks from a cubicle in a stuffy office bui-lding, at an antique desk with secret compartments in a book-lined study or from bed in one’s pyjamas — our work areas can be sacred spaces.
Gizmo Geek: A smart suitcase that locates, weighs and charges Time was when all we expected from our luggage was for the lid to close and for it not to split open at an inconvenient time.
Gizmo Geek: Geoblade Surfing on land Hoverboards have got a bit of a bad rap in recent times. Just last year, the US Consumer Products Safety Commission issued a recall of over half a million such devices citing fire hazards.
Gizmo Geek: A little bit of Bentley in my home There can be little argument about the fact that the term ‘luxury cars’ and the name Bentley belong in the same breath.
Gizmo Geek: How Smart is Bulgari’s ‘Intelligent’ Watch? Not too long ago, we were promised a smartwatch revolution. It hasn’t exactly come around yet. Which is not to say that we shouldn’t be holding out hope.