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SliceOfLife: Live & let live

IN the residential apartment complex that I live in, a resident clicked a photograph of a domestic help who was walking the dog of her employers. This was done without her consent.

Slice of life: Listen to your inner voice Reiki masters, spiritual teachers and those that believe in spirit guides swear by the fact that universe is sending us signals all the time, about what paths to choose and what decisions to make.
Slice of life: Where’s the change? Our attitudes, opinions and world-views are largely shaped by the culture that we grow up in, and are most familiar with.
Sliceoflife: Kindly Adjust A few months ago, when demonetisation was announced, there were protests, mostly on on social media, pictures shared of long queues and sharply divided arguments on merits and demerits.
Slice of life: Empower women The world economic forum releases a gender gap report every year, which benchmarks and quantifies the progress towards parity between men and women in four areas: educational health and survival, econ
Sliceoflife: Be smart... Recently my mother, who lives in a tiny village in Kerala, visited me.
Slice of life: Is it worth it? This morning at 6.15 am on my usual walk, I spotted an eager father and an enthusiastic tennis coach, giving personal lessons to a boy who looked about 12.
Slice of life: A refuge, indeed My family and I had a unique opportunity over the weekend. We had no idea what we were in for, but are overwhelmed by our visit to this lovely home.
Sliceoflife: Go where you are celebrated Humans are social animals. We like to exist in groups, the earliest group that we become a part of, being the families that we are born into.
Slice of life: don’t pretend, take pride in being what you are Bow-wow, a 30-year-old rapper and actor recently became the butt of ridicule on social media for posting a photo on his Instagram account, where he said he was boarding a private jet at Atlanta.