Rajgopal Nidamboor
The writer is a physician and a doctorate in philosophical literature
My Stories
The mirror reflection of our being

Whatever we do, or think, is experienced by our conscious awareness – through its own ‘bespoke’ breadth of knowing, as also reality.

The grain of our life and existence

The self, in its essence, personifies the human dialect, idiom, or constituent. It makes us what we are.

Jazz-up your mind from deep within

The philosopher Herodotus exemplified a timeless maxim in the best manner possible, “We are not disturbed by things, but by our opinion of things.” Well, the most commonplace, also predictable, fac

The synchronous essence of balance

Balance permeates the cosmos. It also holds to us the looking glass, as it were.

Hope is the ability to light the darkness

Hope eases the burd­en of our weightiness – the surplus luggage of negative emotions we carry with no real prospect at the beginning of the disconcerting tunnel.

The true purpose of knowledge & wisdom

Plato, the philosopher, catalogued four fundamental qualities of human excellence: wisdom, temperance, courage, and justice.

The versatile panorama of our reality

Our mind has been subjected to intense exploration and anal­y­ses for aeons – right from the early days of philosophy to modern scientific research in high-tech laboratories across the globe.

Walk the soulful talk from deep within

All of us — whatever our roots, profession, or purpose — have a natural, innate, or cultivated ability to express our feelings, or resolve our angst, while releasing ourselves from the fetters of r

Tao of spiritual mindfulness

The thrusting action behind all action is a compelling yearning to do better, also one’s best, at every step. This sublime idea works on that dynamic loop called conscious values.

Life is beautiful

There’s beauty everywhere — be it nature, the arts, the sciences, the music of the spheres, or think of what you may. The sublime idea of beauty is also connected to wisdom.