Rajgopal Nidamboor
The writer is a physician and a doctorate in philosophical literature
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Higher echelon of knowledge is wisdom

It is rightly said that wisdom is not merely dependent upon information but also knowledge, although it is limited in one’s perimeter of thought.

Behold the divine beauty in thyself

Most people who are familiar with the sublime practice of transcendental meditation (TM) technique – which is akin to the inner relaxation of the mind, or silent wakefulness – know its import, not

When the soul talks to itself

Thinking,” as philo-sopher Plato said, “is the talking of the soul with itself.” He fervently endorsed the idea that our lives go awry, for the most part, primarily because we virtually never give

The fuzzy logic of our soul and ego

Plato was the first philosopher to resolve, or settle, a dualistic premise – the body-soul construct in ancient thought.

The mirror reflection of our being

Whatever we do, or think, is experienced by our conscious awareness – through its own ‘bespoke’ breadth of knowing, as also reality.

The grain of our life and existence

The self, in its essence, personifies the human dialect, idiom, or constituent. It makes us what we are.

Jazz-up your mind from deep within

The philosopher Herodotus exemplified a timeless maxim in the best manner possible, “We are not disturbed by things, but by our opinion of things.” Well, the most commonplace, also predictable, fac

The synchronous essence of balance

Balance permeates the cosmos. It also holds to us the looking glass, as it were.

Hope is the ability to light the darkness

Hope eases the burd­en of our weightiness – the surplus luggage of negative emotions we carry with no real prospect at the beginning of the disconcerting tunnel.

The true purpose of knowledge & wisdom

Plato, the philosopher, catalogued four fundamental qualities of human excellence: wisdom, temperance, courage, and justice.