Rajgopal Nidamboor
The writer is a physician and a doctorate in philosophical literature
My Stories
Be responsible for your actions The dictionary defines responsibility as a “state of being responsible: a trust or charge for which one is responsible.” It is much more than that. It is about choosing. It is a corollary of freedom.
Love, the only light that matters For ever it was and ever shall befall/That Love is he that alle thing may bynde, wrote Geoffrey Chaucer. You’d doff your hat for that, although there’s nothing cryptic about it.
Intuition is like learning to ride Intuition is something that is easily understood; yet, it is not simple. Think of a computer’s intuitive interface. It is, indeed, your sixth sense.
The expansive power of reason There is a reason for everything” is an oft-repeated cliché. It is a common optimistic thought too.
It is not easy to define emotion Scientists, who analyse straightforward scientific facts, also recognise and comprehend basic philosophical questions, such as, “Why is the rainbow a colourful synthesis of different hues?” They agree
Let’s find the power within & transform It goes without saying that we are in the midst of what futurist Alvin Toffler called “the rattling and shaking.” Well, the point also is, there seems to be no let up in sight to the cultural and econ
Think positive & reap the benefits We all know the import of a major resource that resides in us all. This world of imaginatively self-propelled thoughts give us our identity and direct us to be what we are or want to be.
Breathe deep and go with the flow Being mindful is a great tool-kit. You not only make up lost time by performing more efficiently, but you will also see problems as they are — not what you have imagined them to be.
Dreams connect us to our creative source All of us describe dreams as amusing, even strange. Most of us dream about an hour each night or, maybe, just over four years in an average life-span. Isn’t this a notable fraction of our lives?
The real truth about happiness Happiness is a monumental question with no easy answers. It is not the same thing as enjoyment, satisfaction, superficial or fleeting pleasure. It is, in its quintessence, deep, fathomless and broad.