Rajgopal Nidamboor
The writer is a physician and a doctorate in philosophical literature
My Stories
Go on, take a dip, it’s cathartic, too Small is beautiful. When your home houses a small, potted plant, at the entrance, it conjures a new feeling of an open-arms abode.
Let children be children, shall we? Most parents resort to using superlatives at the proverbial drop of a thought.
When life serves us googlies... Life and cricket have more than one thing in common. To do well in either, one needs to master thinking, technique, strategy, refinement and, most importantly, oneself.
The rainbow fusion of our being Our mind isn’t a metaph­or. It is part of a remarkable link that exists betw­een psychology and biology: of the mind and body.
The philosophical science of life The general argument is that the legendary naturalist Charles Darwin was not politically correct, unlike philosopher Baruch Spinoza who called his highest being, god or nature.
That soulful hub of imagination Our thoughts, as our ancients often emphasised — and as modern science also evidences — influence our physical and emotional health. Not only that. They can determi­ne our future too.
The virtual science of life The idea of a virtual reality is not new. The Greek ph­ilosopher Plato articulated the doctrine of a ‘virtual world’ in 470 BC.
Creativity is that divine luminosity Creativity or ingenuity, isn’t a licence limited to ‘functioning’ minds amo­ng us; it includes all folks that have, perforce, missed the bus of progression or scientific adv­ance.
The resonant cadence of our being The real voyage of discovery,” wrote Marcel Proust, the French novelist-essayist, “consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.” This bids fair to three innovatively alluring medica
The harmonious purpose of life This is, after all, the ‘happening’ age, where things happen by ‘birth-write,’ although it is not that we are oblivious of our side-view mirror im­age.