Rajgopal Nidamboor
The writer is a physician and a doctorate in philosophical literature
My Stories
The virtual science of life The idea of a virtual reality is not new. The Greek ph­ilosopher Plato articulated the doctrine of a ‘virtual world’ in 470 BC.
Creativity is that divine luminosity Creativity or ingenuity, isn’t a licence limited to ‘functioning’ minds amo­ng us; it includes all folks that have, perforce, missed the bus of progression or scientific adv­ance.
The resonant cadence of our being The real voyage of discovery,” wrote Marcel Proust, the French novelist-essayist, “consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.” This bids fair to three innovatively alluring medica
The harmonious purpose of life This is, after all, the ‘happening’ age, where things happen by ‘birth-write,’ although it is not that we are oblivious of our side-view mirror im­age.
We are all wired for spirituality All of us know that our famed fight-or-flight response works like a typical fire-alarm in the face of danger — be it daytime, middle of the night.
Timeless idiom of mindful living Each of us, according to scholar-historian Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, is familiar with the idea that our language determines the way we th­ink — although all our percepti­ons may not be ‘caged’ by lang
Of true success and happiness We are in the grip of a new, inundating wave. Success. The idea is to pursue and realise the ‘achievement badge,’ pronto. The less the wait, the better it is at the al­tar of accomplishment.
It’s all in your intuition Gut feelings. We all seem to use them virtually every day.
Soulful jazz of conscious existence Mysticism or spirituality, is essentially, a refined word — with a multitude of meanings, more so for individuals, who look at it from a host of frames, not just prisms.
Ethics isn’t as easy as it sounds Attitudes about mor­ality or ethics develop and evolve throughout life, whi­le perceptions often alter to absorbing an intricately expa­nding view of the world: of what encompasses reality.