Rajgopal Nidamboor
The writer is a physician and a doctorate in philosophical literature
My Stories
Mindful melodies of the soul When we repel our em­otions customarily, we disturb our self-estee­m’s applecart.
Of mind and body intelligence Most of us regard the se­lf, our deepest hub, as subtle. Just think of this. Without your body, tongue, or ear, you would not have spoken, or heard another’s voice.
Time is eternal spring without end The essence of time, al­ong with space, holds the pivot to metaphysics. It also finds representation in a host of things that exists in nature. How?
Tangible dynamics of mindful living Your hand is able to touch things, because it is a to­uchable thing all by itself. It is also a part of the tangible world that it explores. This illustration holds good for your eyes, no less.
Try to awaken the archaeologist within Our mind is far ahead of René Descartes’ famous maxim, “I think, therefo­re, I am.” The more we explore our mind, the more we go beyo­nd.
The physics of mindful healing The spurt in holistic therapies, and their growing po­pularity, has brought to the fore a vital component — the ‘rehumanising’ of medicine.
The fundamental purpose of life There’s an old belief that says that whenever one makes a decision, one sho­uld think of its effect down to the seventh or eighth, generation.
The heart and soul of virtual reality It sounds more than a tad incredulous.
The fuzzy logic of sleep dynamics There’s an alarming lack of awareness about sleep in the community. Not just with some of us, but others too. We simply seem to disregard a veritable surplus of sleep disorders.
Wave particles of our thoughtful radar The expanding realm of n­euroscience has spurred a luminous surge — scientists have turned their compass and radar to brain activity that represents our emotional ‘flow.’ What did not so much engage o