Rajgopal Nidamboor
The writer is a physician and a doctorate in philosophical literature
My Stories
The balancing act of nature It’s a fact of modern life that you and I are somewhat disconnected from nature.
The power of detached thinking Dispassionate thinki­ng holds the discriminating embroidery of perceptive focus and fortitude. It is also a part of our responsiveness.
A delicate balance of everything It’s a straightforward stat­ement. Our mind has evo­lved from living organisms; so also intelligent life. This idea isn’t simply hard-pressed to impel life as a stereotyped connotation.
Drive your focus for higher purpose A perfect job, or career, like perfect relationship or love, is, indeed, difficult, if not utterly impossible.
Song, dance and shadow of life Call it a quirk, or travesty, most of us tend to spend far too much time looking at the past and also the future.
Interpretation of our conscious unconscious Sigmund Freud, the wizard of dreams, who published his introductory lectures on exactly a hundred years ago, thought of society as composed of rules from within.
Mindful alchemy of our awareness You don’t have to be a meditative buff to learn mindfulness. All you’d need to do is choose what you’d most likely fulfil in a given situation and learn by responding in the most ‘mindful’ way.
Of archetypes, not stereotypes It is not that devising technologies, or progress, is a human prerogative. Some animals ‘invent’ too — to carve and manipulate environmental objects and improve their quality of life (QoL).
The pursuit of serene stillness It may sound strange — that every change in the brain could lead to an emotion, albeit the whole idea may not produce a palpable feeling, or sentiment.
Behold the gene panorama When Linus Pauling, the legendary chemist, peace activist, author, educator, and two-time Nobel laureate, discovered that a specific heritable protein variation in a single component of haemoglobin pr