Rajgopal Nidamboor
The writer is a physician and a doctorate in philosophical literature
My Stories
The fundamental purpose of life There’s an old belief that says that whenever one makes a decision, one sho­uld think of its effect down to the seventh or eighth, generation.
The heart and soul of virtual reality It sounds more than a tad incredulous.
The fuzzy logic of sleep dynamics There’s an alarming lack of awareness about sleep in the community. Not just with some of us, but others too. We simply seem to disregard a veritable surplus of sleep disorders.
Wave particles of our thoughtful radar The expanding realm of n­euroscience has spurred a luminous surge — scientists have turned their compass and radar to brain activity that represents our emotional ‘flow.’ What did not so much engage o
Philosophy is the true dimension of reality Philosophy is consoling — a mirror onto itself and self. It can, therefore, be a great source of motivation, or curative blueprint, for our distressing problems.
The exponential diversity of life The best thing to achieve in life, it is aptly said, is to know oneself first — in or­der to understand others. This is the only way to address the vast complexities of our life.
Material things offer no inner harmony Every emotion that we emote or do not convey is nothing short of a brain signal.
The resonance of soundless stillness Noise is fundamentally d­isquieting. Even infuriating. It isn’t like the ch­irping of birds, or the zephyr caressing us tenderly — to soothe our thoughts and souls.
The balancing act of nature It’s a fact of modern life that you and I are somewhat disconnected from nature.
The power of detached thinking Dispassionate thinki­ng holds the discriminating embroidery of perceptive focus and fortitude. It is also a part of our responsiveness.