Rajgopal Nidamboor
The writer is a physician and a doctorate in philosophical literature
My Stories
The pursuit of serene stillness It may sound strange — that every change in the brain could lead to an emotion, albeit the whole idea may not produce a palpable feeling, or sentiment.
Behold the gene panorama When Linus Pauling, the legendary chemist, peace activist, author, educator, and two-time Nobel laureate, discovered that a specific heritable protein variation in a single component of haemoglobin pr
Song of change and experience Our life is a veritable temple of happiness, difficulties, adversities, and a ho­st of other complexities.
Make winning your companion There are no easy paths, or roadmaps, to success, all right — as most of us know, although not all of us accept the idea for whatever reason.
The multihued fusion of our life We all hold a sense of responsibility, or commitment, to succeed. The more we believe that the onus is on us, not on someone else, the better it is for us.
The quest for the greater self All of us have our own outlook, or view, of the self — if not a mode of decree with our self-proclaimed identity.
Aggregate credence of our experience Let us visualise your present-moment. You’d think of the most obvious, or commonplace, setting.
Happiness is feeling light and vibrant Happiness is everyone’s birthright — provided one embraces the element with alacrity and also glee.
Multidimensional realm of our being There is nothing our mind’s compass and radar cannot see, feel, perceive, or distinguish with its own molecules of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
Be mindful and you can beat the odds It is as obvious as apparent can be. When our negative emotions grab hold of and stifle our positive, healthy thoughts, we emerge with feelings that do us no good.