Rajgopal Nidamboor
The writer is a physician and a doctorate in philosophical literature
My Stories
The dappled fusion of our existence Each of us, without exception, goes through a multitude of experiences in life.
The submarine element of your mind We are all aware of the power of our will — our celebrated resource, or personal consortium, of strength.
The simple joys of soulful exchange Our philosophers, ancient, medieval, and present, not to speak of scientists, have always looked at the workings of our mind with awe, wisdom and tangibility dynamics.
The cognitive power of our emotions Emotion is evolution in action. It not only includes bodily feelings, it also encompasses cognitive processes — from the simple to the profound, from the basic to the complex.
The essence of creative energy Creativity or originality isn’t the privilege of working minds, even if some of us have missed riding the wave of literary evolution, or scientific advance.
Keep your mind on the prize Most successful men and women never went through the educational ‘grind’ that our ‘educationally-regimentalised’ kids go through. Yet, they turned out all right.
When balance brings harmony Our philosophers and thinkers have always extolled the virtues of balanced restraint, as opposed to rigid self control.
The importance of instinctiveness All of us think that we are nothing but a reflection of our thoughts, emotions and responses. This may not always be the case.
The unflinching power of resolve When we are plagued by trouble, most of us think that things will be fine, sooner than later. This is primarily our modicum of belief, or ‘faith principle,’ that’s rooted in our emotional prism.
Don’t depend too much on ‘heroes’ We all have our own set of ‘heroes’ — not just from folklore, mythology, fables and fairy tales.