Rajgopal Nidamboor
The writer is a physician and a doctorate in philosophical literature
My Stories
Forget the past and embrace the present It is all right to believe that one should always keep one’s feet on the ground and not float in the air after savouring a thumping victory or success.
When poor become rich, all will benefit It’s just the other day that I chanced upon this persuasively titled book — God Wants you To Be Rich.
Your power to choose the best path Life is never without a challenge. The reason is simple — some things work at times, while some don’t. Some objectives, if not intent, likewise, reach the high point, while some end up in failure.
The eternal radiance of our being We sense, we sight, we smell, we touch, we hear, we taste, and so on — and, yet, we don’t always bestow our mind’s eye, or ‘I,’ for such subtleties.
Let meditation be the sport of life Illness of the mind, or body, reveals how our systems work — and, why loss of balance often leads to a breakdown.
Harmony in the midst of turmoil Most of us, despite our best efforts, feel out-of-sync sometimes.
The experiential prism of our life That we are all as unique as our fingerprint, or signature, or genes, is a seminal, oft-repeated cliché.
The essence of amplified action It is something that ‘separates’ us from other living creatures. It is simple, yet arguable — the ability to keep our powder dry in the face of life’s innumerable challenges.
The enduring import of being Each of us is gifted with the talent to understand and experience things independently.
Purge your mind of negative emotions The word ‘detox’ is expansively popular with most health-conscious people — it is also an indispensable part of every natural treatment plan.