Rajgopal Nidamboor
The writer is a physician and a doctorate in philosophical literature
My Stories
Why transformed awareness is crucial All of us, to a certain — or full — extent feel that we could be unequivocally helpful to others. Whether we follow such an urge or not, in reality, is not the key point.
Can we modify our emotional bearings? We are not always a replica of our thoughts, emotions and responses. We also don’t always use our own sense of understanding to perceive emotions in ourselves and in others as a resource.
Of life, harmony and divine insight We are all endowed with energy — something we don’t pay for. It comes free-of-charge with no strings or bills attached.
How synchronous empathy helps us All of us are in an undulating ‘hypnotic’ state. A pat on the back, at the beginning of the day, is an invite to happiness. A rebuff, likewise, has a wobbly, cascading effect.
Cultivate empathy to live in harmony Just like how loneliness is agony worse confounded by murky isolation and solitude is bliss, optimism always emerges in the midst of growing turmoil.
Regain the spirit of focused power For aeons, the human race has been experimenting with a surplus of moral and social values -- just like how our ancients built such resplendent temples, or ‘nectar in stone.’ The metaphor is not as si
Drive your faith to awaken your soul Most of us know about Abraham Maslow’s ‘self-actualised’ individual or individuals, who are able to rise above the stressors of everyday life and reach their highest human potential for peak performan
The sum total of our conscious experience All of us epitomise a multiplicity of conscious thoughts.
Mind-body dynamics and the healing brain Our brain is life’s or nature’s marvel. It regulates, or processes, thousands of chemicals in our body with computerised precision and alacrity.
Embrace the art of mindful living Consciousness, as we all know, or deem to discern, is primarily the equivalent connotation of our mind.