Rajgopal Nidamboor
The writer is a physician and a doctorate in philosophical literature
My Stories
Drive your faith to awaken your soul Most of us know about Abraham Maslow’s ‘self-actualised’ individual or individuals, who are able to rise above the stressors of everyday life and reach their highest human potential for peak performan
The sum total of our conscious experience All of us epitomise a multiplicity of conscious thoughts.
Mind-body dynamics and the healing brain Our brain is life’s or nature’s marvel. It regulates, or processes, thousands of chemicals in our body with computerised precision and alacrity.
Embrace the art of mindful living Consciousness, as we all know, or deem to discern, is primarily the equivalent connotation of our mind.
The biology behind cultivated wisdom We are our habits and our behaviour. We are our temperament, signature and also our fingerprint.
Focus to keep your daily qualms at bay Philosophers and scientists have, for long, compared the human brain with different ideas and inventions.
Empower yourself with positive beliefs Everything that we aspire or don’t aspire for, depends on a certain, if not explicit foundational process —the process of seeking answers to questions that we all face in life, more or less on a regul
Divine awareness connects you to life Emotions are receptive nuances of our brain activity. They are endowed with not just biological and physiological underpinnings, but also psychological essentialities.
The art and science of mindful healing Our brain is an extraordinarily smart piece of ‘live’ technology. It not only adapts to varying situations, but also returns to a state of pristine balance, from any and every state of our mind.
Rev up your life with power of self-belief Intellectual, creative, or financial success is not everything in life — especially, when you are not able to smile from your heart and savour the simple pleasures of your existence.