Rajgopal Nidamboor
The writer is a physician and a doctorate in philosophical literature
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Take heart to mind your brain

It would have been a much-honoured regulation for our early philosophers to refer to the thinking brain as the seat of our mental life.

Happiness is...

To be happy is the fundamental desire of every human being — it is the defining norm for yearning too.

The symbiotic synthesis of life Consciousness is something that exists in us with its own identity.
In search of harmony? Give meditation a try The relationship between our mind, body, and health, is arbitrated and managed by our behaviour and also biological connections that exist between our brain, body, and the immune system.
Your attitude can transform your life Our attitude reflects our feelings, beliefs, or frame of mind, towards circumstances and people. It is one of our most valuable assets — it can make or break our position and standing.
Think outside the box Creativity is the proviso of being resourceful. It connotes something that is utterly new.
The epitome of cause & effect There has been a definitive transformation in our minds — from the mediaeval to the modern — a paradigm shift engineered by the progress of science, despite resistance from religion and cogent dogma.
Live life to its fullest potential Life is full of charm. Yet, we don’t often discern it, until situations coerce us to.
Trust your instinct, it never really lies George Soros is one of the greatest investors of all time, albeit most financial analysts would discount Soros’ own interpretation that his extraordinary success is based on “tapping” his “gut” feelin
How to go from discord to accord It’s a time-honoured dictum that each of us is different and unique as our fingerprint and that everyone has their own likings, choices, and outlook.