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Screensavour: Reaching for stars Kundan Shah was already married when he was struggling to make his first feature film way back in the early ’80s.
ScreenSavour: All in the game Recently Priyanka Chopra faced a lot of flak from lumpen nationalists for meeting the Indian PM in Germany, dressed in a skirt.
ScreenSavour: Of the click and the bait If anything travels faster than light in today’s times, it is electronic news. And if anything is faster than that, it is the social media.
SCREENsavour: Your attention please Two Bengali singers had made quite a name for themselves in the ’90s in the world of Hindi playback singing — Kumar Sanu and Abhijeet.
ScreenSavour: Direct Cut It is always very interesting to read about directors talking about their cinematic mentors and favourite filmmakers, but one rarely comes across directors who criticise others of their trade; such cr
Cinema Scope: Many roles of the director The year was 1991. Shah Rukh Khan was yet to make his debut and Laxmikant Pyarelal still ruled the roost.
ScreenSavour: The 70mm question A recent post on Facebook bemoaned the decline of film appreciation culture in our country that has led people to pass over good cinema in preference to run-of-the mill output.
Screensavour: Two Sad As outpourings of grief on the death of Vinod Khanna keep flooding the social media and people put up their favourite pictures of one of the handsomest of Indian actors on their posts, sharing their t
ScreenSavour: That elusive simplicity Nothing is simple; simple is difficult,” American producer-director George Lucas of Star War series and other well-known films had remarked once.
Screensavour: Reign of the reel Social media has a unique way of throwing up photos and news of film related matters from both contemporary and olden times.