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ScreenSavour: Easy does it

In the month before his film was slated to be released, Vinay Pradhan (name changed), a debutant filmmaker was in cloud nine.

ScreenSavour: PSSST...!

Sometime during the mid-’70s Devyani Chaubal, a vitriolic gossip columnist known for her acerbic weekly columns that she wrote for the popular Star & Style film magazine, was allegedly assaulte

ScreenSavour: Where’s the Pluralism?

Ill-informed and narrow-minded perspective of strident Hindu practitioners who refuse to acknowledge the plurality of Indian civilisation and insist on a monolithic and a bigoted version of Hin


Long back in an interview, Ram Gopal Varma had narrated how his mother, despite his success, was still worried about him, constantly fearing that he would be eaten up by the ‘big bad world’.

SCREENSAVOUR: old is not always gold

Wallowing in a heady mix of world and Indian cinema viewed on Netflix, Amazon Prime and different film festivals, and dipping into your own collection contained in multiple hard disks, one is sudde

So, what actually makes a film tick?

The year was 1991. Shah Rukh Khan was yet to make his debut and Laxmikant Pyarelal still ruled the roost.

All you need is fire in the belly

Time was when a young person keen on learning a craft found it necessary to attach himself to a guru and learn the nitty-gritties through a long period of association and rigorous training.

Screen Savour: When Reel is very real

In a country blooming with different cine award functions that grace television screens, each competing with the other in glitz and endorsements, resplendent with smiling faces of dashing stars in

Screen Savour: Get creeped out

In Anthony Minghella’s The Talented Mr.

SCREENsavour: Point & shoot

The euphoria being created by the media and government surrounding the recent visit of the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu — a first such visit by an Israeli head of state to our country