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Fifth Columnist: Pride & Prejudice

In India’s federal structure, a politician derives his essential power base from his or her state before he or she aspires for

Fifth Columnist: Leftist dilemmas

Historically, relations between the Congress party and the Communist parties in India can be described as polemical.

Fifth Columnist: Strangulating Soccer

A few years ago, the then Portuguese ambassador to India, in a rare fit of undiplomatic candour, wondered aloud at a gathering at the India International Centre why a c

Fifth Columnist: Candid admissions

Suddenly, there is a change of priorities in Pakistan. Or is the shift tactical?

Fifth Columnist: Lucknow tales

There are many ways to propaganda, but none more ingenious than that devised in where else, but Uttar Pradesh.

Fifth Columnist: Economics as politics

Does economics dictate politics?

Fifth Columnist: Family Imperatives

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi made a very pertinent point this week in his lecture at the University of Berkley in the USA,

Fifth Columnist: Jumping the gun

Trial by media is as old as modern democracy itself. It has a long and distinguished history.

Fifth columnist: Water wars

Of the fears that have risen alongside a warming planet, perhaps none has attracted more attention than the hypothesis that sooner than later, wars would be fought over

#Throwback 1947

In the early 1940s, when the idea of Pakistan had been well mooted and in the air, no one quite knew what it stood for.