Sandeep Bamzai
New Delhi
My Stories
Disequilibrium: How a borderless posse was corralled Jawaharlal Nehru believed the Princely Order was like a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of the Indian nation as it drained its resources to support their debauchery and excesses.
Cut & Thrust:Time to give back In the byzantine dark alleyways of India’s secretive public finances replete with imponderables and variables, there is only one constant.
Disequilibrium: From Hadrian's Wall to Modi’s intent Almost overnight Donald Trump is like a phantom in a world where a poisonous fog bank is rolling in on people's minds.
Disequilibrium: The cleansing & the yearning As Twitter trolls went about their ugly business against Zaira Wasim, the young Kashmiri girl who played Geeta Phogat Junior with such elan and aplomb in Dangal, the intolerance debate saw the volume
Cut & Thrust:The mother of all battles Gassed out after the interminable interplay of the Yadavs in their own version of the epic serial Game of Thrones, the fog of war has finally cleared with Tipuji emerging as the Samajwadi Sultan.
Disequilibrium:The recriminations of the Princely Order The independence and brutal partition of India was done and dusted.
Disequilibrium: The Commoner who became King M S Dhoni was a byproduct of the true democratisation of Indian cricket, exemplified by the rapid and wider dispersal of the game in the new millennium.
Cut & Thrust:Of fillips and flops Capricious laws, overzealous officials and bureaucratese flip flops marked the demonetisation journey. A journey replete with more failures than successes, but absorbed exceedingly well by India.