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DISEQUILIBRIUM: Foreign Hand In Kashmir

Once is chance, twice is coincidence and third time is a pattern.


When you drain a swamp years later, you are bound to find skeletons. For Pakistan, Kashmir remains an unfinished business of the Partition.

DISEQUILIBRIUM: The Convenient Death

Sadiq Batcha may well have been the centrifugal force behind the 2G spectrum scam. The conduit and keeper of secrets. The router of money.

Freedom Files: Things Fall Apart

It will be disingenuous to say that Sheikh Abdullah, like his Ruler Maharaja Hari Singh who he finally ousted through a political coup, never thought of Independence.

DISEQUILIBRIUM: Value Accretive Divestment

For a government that appeared to be loath to doing anything on privatisation, it is gratifying to note that it has taken a call on it with the announcement that it will hawk 73.47 stake in Dredgin


Allergy of the body, obsession of the mind, the BJP’s fixation even overriding pet hobby horse for black money is indeed gratifying for various numbers have been given to peg the size of India’s pa

Freedom Files: A Tenuous And Uneasy Truce

After India committed a gargantuan judgmental error by going to the United Nations and internationalised the Kashmir problem at the behest of Lord Mountbatten, the two neighbours were like two antl

DISEQUILIBRIUM: Kashmir: Policy of passivity

There are times and moments that define you for the rest of your life. More so in the case of politics where every decision that you take influences lives of people on the ground.

Cut & Thrust: Unworthy Scam Shield

It cannot be a cosmic coincidence that a Criminal Laws (Rajasthan Amendment) Ordinance 2017 crept surreptitiously past us and when it did stare us in the face like a neon sign, we ended up being hy

Kashmir Files: Hullabaloo In The Valley

There is an old Creole proverb which says cutting off a mule’s ears doesn’t make it a horse. What is irrevocable, indisputable and irreversible is J&K’s accession to the Union of India.