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The Mirza Ismail Kashmir plan

Tormented by indecision, plagued by self doubt, agonised by ghouls, frazzled with communal events in Jammu where resurgent Hindu forces were wrecking his dream of a United J&K, Sheikh Mohd.

Disequilibrium: When Golwalkar rescued Hari Singh

Secure in the belief that under Westphalian sovereignty rules, or state sovereignty, which is the principle of international law articulating that each nation-state has exclusive sovereignty over i


When your eyes are focused on the King in a game of chess, you shouldn't necessarily worry about pawn sacrifice.

Disequilibrium: Old Wounds Don’t Heal

With public memory being woefully short and media attention equally so, Nirav Modi has been replaced by Kathua and Unnao rapes only to find it interchangeable with the modern version of Dynasty Cha


If the past held no sway over the future, we would be different people. Times change, but people don't for you have to live on the grid and not off it.


Things between right and wrong become blurry because we live in confusing times.

Freedom Files: Unfinished Business

History is full of anonymous heroes. You can run from history, dread it, hate it, but never ignore it. The strongest choices require the hardest wills, only then will you come out trumps.

Disequilibrium: Whingeing over heritage

The needless controversy and brouhaha over the handing over of Red Fort to a corporate has evoked myriad reactions since it involves our heritage.

Freedom Files: UTOPIAN DREAM

Continuing where we left off last week on the subject of an Eastern Switzerland, it is clear that dreaming is free and there is no charge or cess levied on it.

Cut & Thrust: Brutal cage match fatigued

The media whirligig constantly looking for new juice to keep the frenzy fed appears fatigued when it comes to Kashmir.