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The Mischief Mongers

As the Indian National Congress dragnet began to swoop down on the Princely States with Jawaharlal Nehru at its vanguard, the Order which walked all over its subjects living a life of great opulenc

Freedom Files : HOW FEUDAL RELICS WERE RUMP OF THE EMPIRE By June 1945, as the Second World War was winding down, like gravity, big events had begun to pull the globe in different directions.
Cut & Thrust: Keep vested interests out People train to prevail — in the street, in the alley, in combat, on the field, in the ring and a zillion other places.
Freedom Files : HOW KASHMIR WAS POUCHED As the Afridi raiders stormed down the Muzzafarabad Road making their tryst with Srinagar, burning the Mahura power station effecting a lights out in Kashmir Valley, Maharaja of J&K Hari Singh knew th
Put an end to opacity, NSE A farrago of ugly issues have been raised over the murky NSE algo case.
FREEDOM FILES: NOTHING HAS CHANGED Kashmir Valley remains a sore, 70 years after independence, still being coveted by Pakistan. It is an unfinished business of Partition.
Freedom Files : THE LAST SHEPHERD The deep sense of foreboding was still to set in, lulled as they were by the faux protective shield provided by the linkages through Treaty Relations with British Paramountcy.
Cut & Thrust: Don’t bear with looters Truth has a mind of its own. It always emerges and the more you bottle it, the more it wants to burst out and be heard.
FREEDOM FILES: Nehru's stalking horse The Indian National Congress or one of its principals Jawaharlal Nehru had a B Team in place to extend its political activism across the spectrum of the Princely States, which were aligned with the Br
Cut & Thrust: Feeding the frenzy Rumour, it is said, has a thousand tongues and once hunches and innuendos are added to the mix and made public, you have an incendiary situation like Mandsaur and almost in parallel across Maharashtra