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FREEDOM FILES: How Mountbatten Neutralised Sikh Bogey As angry rhetoric flew across the border with both Karachi and New Delhi not mincing words, the punch up in Kashmir was getting uglier as Indian forces attempted to chase out Jinnah's raiders.
Cut & Thrust: Time For Talk Is Over In the normal course, getting off a merry go round is well nigh impossible, and if you are wearing ankle weights — don’t count on it at all.
Disequilibrium: COMMINUTED FRACTURE In American football, a famous coach once said – don’t throw the ‘ball to the receiver, throw where he is going to be’.
Cut & Thrust: Kashmir’s past solutions There is no difference of opinion with respect to the accession of state of J & K with India on two main issues, i.e., the Instrument of Accession and the Delhi Agreement.
Freedom Files : Creating a communal cleave The Nawab of Bhopal Sir Hafiz Hamidullah Khan, saboteur in chief as Chancellor of the Chamber of Princes was constantly looking at ways and means to stay out of the dragnet of the Congress and the am
Cut & Thrust: Islam’s dance of death It is a short walk between victim hood and blood lust and often these days in Kashmir Valley, the lines blur and they become one and the same thing.
Disequilibrium : No more episodic reforms When you come to a fork in the road, you have to decide which way to go?
Freedom Files: The kashmir intrigue An empire which is toppled by its enemies can rise again, but one that is toppled from within crumbles that much faster, it could be a Trojan or a schemer or a saboteur who brings it to its knees.
Disequilibrium : FISHING FOR PIOUS PIRANHA Masters of intrigue and subterfuge, the Indian Princes through linkages with Paramountcy thought they were infallible.
Cut & Thrust: The Idea of India in peril Newly elected MP from Srinagar, winner of a farcical election in which 7 per cent of the voters turned out — Farooq Abdullah — waded through the political vector this week to explain one of his hobby