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Anglo-American Alliance Fished in Troubled Waters

Hope versus fear is a deadly dangerous see-saw, and neither can be viewed in isolation. After all one feeds off the other and vice versa.

DISEQUILIBRIUM: Beware the peddlers of pelf

Nature it is said abhors a vacuum.

FREEDOM FILES: Casualty of War

The game was afoot across the length and breadth of India, from the Princely States perilously close to losing it all to the British ruled Provinces which are seeing heightened political activity i

CUT & THRUST: It is called Bond, stupid!

Bond Street is a major shopping hub in the West End of London.

CUT & THRUST: Keep an hawk eye on earnings

Almost overnight melt up has turned into melt down, leaving in its wake a sea of red across world equity markets.

DISEQUILIBRIUM: Dodging the bullet

This is just a flavour of some of the text messages that this writer has received over the last couple of days from pump and dump operators.

Kashmir Files: Poisoned Chalice

When motives become devious, it becomes parasitic, more so because you don’t chase, what you can’t catch, particularly when ego gets involved.

DISEQUILIBRIUM: Modi’s pincer move

In the days leading up to the annual budget whirligig, this newspaper’s team focused on several stories scooping key ingredients of what would be rural, rural and a more farm focused budget.

Kashmir Files: Indian Manoeuvres

Sticking to the knitting was at the very kernel of the strategy employed by Indian policy mavens overseeing Kashmir affairs in the first flush of the border invasion after the state's accession to

DISEQUILIBRIUM: Modern Day Drain Inspector

CBI arrests an income tax officer and two others in a bribery case