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Sher Shah Suri & The Grand Trunk Road

One always hears the name of Sher Shah Suri mentioned, whenever there are any discussions about India’s amazing Grand Trunk Road.


The building of the Radhasoami Temple is what can only be called a creation by dedication.

Medieval Terracotta Inspires Durga Images

It is once again time for Goddess Durga to arrive with her daughters Lakshmi and Saraswati and two sons Kartik and Ganesh. 

Kolaba Fort & Alibaug — for a great getaway

I finally managed to see what is said to be the most enjoyable holiday getaway close to Mumbai. One that had all that one needed to make a holiday worthwhile.

Aurangabad —where there is so much to see

The history of Aurangabad dates back to 1610, when Murtaza Nizam Shah of Ahmadnagar instructed his Prime Minister Malik Amber, to build Fatehnagar, as a sort of resting place on the site of a villa

The Real Chanderi

While the name does indeed conjure up images of the famous gossamer fine Chanderi sarees, which are named after Chanderi, a town in Madhya Pradesh synonymous with its weaving tradition that occupie

Tripura – The Erstwhile Princely State

Earlier known as ‘Tippera’, Tripura is one of the seven states in the north eastern belt of India, often referred to as the ‘Seven Sisters’.

Soni — A sure winner at Venice Film Festival

Film buffs can look forward to another very special film — one that makes you think. Definitely a film that will undoubtedly be remembered is ‘Soni,’ a sure winner!

Khajuraho—India’s most famous group of temples

In 2019, the world famous Khajuraho temples will complete 1020 years. The Khajuraho millennium, was celebrated in grand style in from 1999 – 2000.

Cooch Behar seeking a royal revival

It seems the perfect time to write about the efforts being made to revive the grandeur of the royal state of Cooch Behar.