Shona Adhikari
The writer is an author and a former art gallery owner
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The Kali Temple in South Calcutta is over 260 years old. This was an area where mainly Brahmin communities lived earlier.

Zahruddin Usta—Stone Carver Extraordinaire

On a recent visit to Bikaner I dropped in at the comparatively new Prachina Museum, located in one of the palaces at the Junagarh Fort.

Bhuj Rises From The Ashes

Most of us have heard about the disastrous effects of the earthquake that shook Kutch in 2001.

Udai Singh’s Wonderland

It is believed that Maharaja Udai Singh went on a hunt in the Aravalli Hills when he met a hermit, who told the king that the fertile land on the banks of the Pichola Lake, would be an excellent ca


Like so many others, I have always been intrigued by the ornate palaces in Rajasthan and marveled at the mirror work that often covered their walls.

The Forgotten City of Darbhanga

Those familiar with Kolkata’s Dalhousie Square might have noticed at one of the corners of the square, the seated figure of a bearded Raja sitting cross-legged with his sword and shield.  The


Returning to Hyderabad after many years was an experience that I had really been looking forward to.

The legend of the levitating stone

Tucked away somewhere in the back of my mind was the memory of having seen a large stone being lifted by a group of people with one finger.

Discovering India’s first Charbagh

History says that Babar built his first garden ‘Aram Bagh’ at Agra, on the banks of the River Jamuna.


I first heard the song Diya jalao sung by K.L.Saighal from the Hindi film Tansen, when I was a toddler.