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Diplomatic Enclave: New Challanges

The Chinese navy has been spreading its sails in distant seas, causing unease in new places.

Diplomatic Enclave: Taking ties to new heights

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s current visit to Nepal, his third in four years, is to consolidate the restoration of goodwill and confidence that resulted from Nepali Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s

Diplomatic Enclave: Winds of change

Winds of change have been wafting across Asia following two summits that have dramatically lowered the temperature across the Korean peninsula and the Himalayas.

Diplomatic Enclave: Bilateral dialogues

The India-China summit between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi brings an end to the strains that had developed in the bilateral relationship for the past couple of yea

Diplomatic Enclave: Revitalising Commonwealth

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign policy has emphasised wider interaction with a larger number of countries beyond the traditional focus on the extended neighbourhood and the larger powers.

Diplomatic Enclave: Resetting ties with India

Nepal completed the political transition to a multiparty democracy with holding of elections for its three tier administrative structure under a new constitution when the new Left Alliance governme

Diplomatic Enclave: Testing Ground

Air India’s inaugural flight from Delhi to Tel Aviv on March 22 flew on a route that took the Dreamliner aircraft over Saudi Arabia to Israel.

Diplomatic Enclave: Train to Beijing

The train to Beijing and a firm handshake with Chinese President Xi Jinping has brought reclusive North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un onto the world stage.

Diplomatic Enclave: Touching new low

India-Pakistan ties have touched a new low with both countries accusing the other of harassing diplomats and their families.

Diplomatic Enclave: Strengthening ties

China’s rapid inroads into South Asia with large infrastructure projects have been a cause of concern in India for some time.