Zehra Naqvi
My Stories
What’s in a browser anyway? Did you ever imagine that your browser preferenc­es could decide whether you’d stay longer in your job or be more innovative in it?
The rose that wouldn’t wither Fresh, blooming roses gi­lded in gold and frozen in permanence are all the rage in luxury romance gifting at the moment.
Turning back to childhood Ever wondered how one little thing tops the list of the most comforting foods ever: your mother’s co­oking?
Creative minds are androgynous Men are from Mars, Wo­men are from Venus. Th­at’s a very famous book by American author and relationship counsellor John Gray, “the highest ranked work of fiction in the 1990s”.
Glow to your end or rust toward it “Thou hast done well, my lover, thou hast done well to send me thy fire of pain For my incense never yields its perfume till it burns and my lamp is blind till it is lighted.
The mystical amid the mundane Ever wondered why fantasy movies are usually bl­ockbusters and record-breakers? Is it the special effe­cts, is it the great story, is it the acting?
Focus on the joy, not fear of ageing Who’s afraid of growing old? Everybody, it would seem. The clo­ser you get to the visible parts of aging, the more you try to escape. And why not?
No age limitation for committing crime And so the juvenile justice (amendment) bill, 2015, gets cleared by the Rajya Sabha: A 16 year old can now be tried like an adult for a heinous crime.
Failure is stepping stone to success Ever looked at elephants in a circus and wondered why they won’t just uproot their wooden pegs from the ground and drag the flimsy restricting rope along with them to freedom?
Being truthful to your self Though honesty has always been the proverbial best policy, we’re all guilty of telling lies every now and th­en — be they big ones or small.