Zehra Naqvi
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In the beginning was the word This day last week, this column discussed the vitality of language in the furthering of civilisation, and the evolution of languages alongside human evolution.
Language is a life force Language is a vibrant life force that connects people and minds, providing a channel, a living medium for ideas to float upon and flourish.
If you bend, you won’t break There’s an ancient exercise about a green, supple new branch and a brown, strong one: take the two of them one by one and try to bend each.
Why lie, not like, drives Facebook So much has been written about how social media and online networks are insidiously destroying our real social lives and making technology addicts of us all.
Why aggressive men seem attractive? If Christian Grey’s popularity — and EL James’s wealth — is anything to go by, aggressive men have all the luck.
How to get rich, millionaire style If you hate what you are doing and rely on the money you earn to make you happy by buying stuff, then you are living a life no better than a prostitute.’ Hold your fire before you fly into a rage, bec
Let’s burn those lingering doubts When everyone talks about building bridges across divides, there’s a case to be made for burning the bridge too. Don’t label me a separatist or an anti-social, though!
Minimalism: declutter your life When you imagine an ideal place to live, you think of a clean, spacious, airy abode that spells out calm from every corner.
Can we have some good stress, please? I’d like to have some stress, please.” Do you know anyone who’d willingly say that? I’m sure you don’t.
The pilgrim and the tourist There are vacationers and there are pilgrims. Both travel to faraway lands — the former explores outward, the latter explores within.