Falaknaaz Syed
RBI keeps rates unchanged; experts call it policy error

In a shocking decision, the Monetary Policy Committee of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) retained the policy rates in its fourth bi-monthly monetary policy review on Friday.

Ananda Majumdar
Ruminations: No time to waste

There is no single truth when it comes to social cha­nge.

DC Pathak
Spy’s Eye: Aadhaar-Valid but not compulsory

The Supreme Court's verdict on the contentious issues raised around the implementation of Aadhaar has drawn a firm line between the essentials and non-essentials of the unique identification scheme

Sangeetha G.
Newsmaker: Economist in the spotlight

At the age of 46, she has accomplished what a girl coming from a middle class family would have never dreamt of.

Yajurvindra Singh

Cricket, one understands, is a game of uncertainties. Somehow, from its very inception, the selection of a cricket team too seems to follow a similar trend.

Shona Adhikari
Kolaba Fort & Alibaug — for a great getaway

I finally managed to see what is said to be the most enjoyable holiday getaway close to Mumbai. One that had all that one needed to make a holiday worthwhile.

Payal Dhar
Gizmo Geek: Smart refrigerators- The brainiest of them all

As the sun around which the entire household revolves, being as it is the receptacle of food or ingredients that get turned into food, the refrigerator is the one appliance you’d pick to be boss.

Ranjan Das
SCREENSAVOUR: Gandhi on screen

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi — whose 149th birth anniversary we celebrated last week — still remains the most internationally-acclaimed Indian, apart from perhaps Gautam Buddha.

Falaknaaz Syed
Chanda quits ICICI Bank; stock up 4% despite weak broader mkt

Beleaguered Chanda Kochhar has quit as chief executive officer and managing director of ICICI Bank with immediate effect.

Shona Adhikari
Aurangabad —where there is so much to see

The history of Aurangabad dates back to 1610, when Murtaza Nizam Shah of Ahmadnagar instructed his Prime Minister Malik Amber, to build Fatehnagar, as a sort of resting place on the site of a villa