Gautam Datt
Modi plans 10% jobs quota for upper caste poor

In what is being termed as a possible game-changer, the Narendra Modi government on Monday decided to give 10 per cent reservation for economically weaker sections in the upper caste fulfilling a l

Arun Kejriwal
Market in bearish mood

The week began on a flat note and brought an end to 2018, which was not a great year for equities.

Rajiv Nagpal
Get a slice of global market

Around the same time last year, the market was on a roll. It then appeared that nothing could possibly go wrong with the Indian market in 2018.

Sangeetha G.
Diamond may continue to drop

ICEX became the first exchange in the world to launch diamond derivatives trading in August 2017.

Sangeetha G.
For the Street 2019 will be a year to two halves

As with any structural reforms, they tend to be disruptive in the first few years and have an economic and political cost in the short-term but their long-term benefits are enduring and tend to sur

Ritwik Mukherjee
Tea production to rise a bit

Despite a lower rainfall last year, tea yields were higher in West Bengal and Assam, which kept domestic tea production in 2018 stable.

Rajiv Nagpal
Intra-day volatility may spike

The first week of the New Year was no different from the weeks or months before. Volatility and negative news flow persisted as in the last three months.

Rajiv Nagpal
It pays to go contrarian

Being a contrarian would pay even  this year. That's the impression one gets after seeing the first trading week of the New Year.

Ananda Majumdar
Ruminations: On the home stretch

The ruling party and the opposition have entered the final phase of the perception war with Lok Sabha elections round the corner as the government enters the lameduck phase of its tenure.

Gautam Datt
Newsmaker: The Indian pace age

When the Indian team left for the tour of Australia, the biggest concern was the batting line-up which was up against history to make a mark on the foreign soil.