It is as obvious as apparent can be. When our negative emotions grab hold of and stifle our positive, healthy thoughts, we emerge with feelings that do us no good. More than anything else, they dismantle our emotional umbrella of harmony from the outside, if not from deep within. That we know that pleasant-sounding synchrony cannot exist in either ‘emptiness,’ or abundance, of our negative connotations is another facet. Such downbeat contexts can slowly, yet surely infiltrate every precinct of our soul — more so, when our mind and heart are beleaguered with a shaky sense of foreboding.
Negativity, in any form, or contour, is a pessimistic lure — it disconnects our cerebral focus and emotional resolve. It attracts expanding muted energy for us to grumble about — sometimes endlessly, or overwhelmingly, making a mountain out of a molehill. The resultant effect is evident: we get marooned in the whirlpool of pessimism, with no light at the end of the subway. When such a looming apparition gets into the casing of our contemplation, the overall effect is perplexing. As the whole compass takes a chronic, long-standing appearance, it not only affects our emotional well-being, it also impacts our physical health, leading to illness states like high blood pressure and diabetes.
Nothing is lost, but. There is always hope, notwithstanding our abyss, or emotional chaos. All of us are endowed with the mindful wherewithal to turnaround our negative blueprint with a whole, new positive outlook — the aptitude to face adversity by taking a fresh resolve or pledge to surmount our difficulties with a new dash of hope, vision, courage and values. This is also a possibility construct — it is all part of your attitude that resides within you and commemorates your personality, or individuality. It is nothing short of your private multihued dimension that represents your own persona and ‘lifts’ your life and the world around you. It holds a prophecy, or purpose — the zeal to live in the present-moment, not in the past.
When you begin to live in the present-moment, you will identify with yourself better. You will go forward — you will nurture. You will be able to see the cosmos in every little thing around, not just the great things. In so doing, you will be your own eyewitness to present-moment reality while imparting importance to everything, without setting targets, or options, but elevating the deep recesses of your mind, body and soul with animated focus, juxtaposed by a celestial, yet down-to-earth, empathetic smile — that Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the revered scientist-statesman and ‘Mahatma’ of our age so quintessentially exemplified — emanating from your face.
The canon epitomises a moment far removed from the continual humdrum of everyday life. It presents with a noteworthy moment, yet it is something that can transform your frame of mind — from murkiness to contentment. It can, likewise, alter your world — from despondency to optimism. The same article of faith holds good to resolutions or pledges made with the best intentions, or belief, not to speak of conviction. What does this simple maxim represent? That whatever happens ‘in the now’ is everything and that what we do not know as the ‘next’ may happen, or may not surface at all. In other words, the seminal idea relates to our age-old spiritual prescription that articulates that we should all ‘take-in’ one moment at a time to experience a potent, pulsating impulse — no matter the odds to beat the odds.
(The writer is a physician and a doctorate in philosophical literature)
Rajgopal Nidamboor