Change, it is rightly said, is the quintessence of life; it is also a constant. All of us, in more ways than one, are familiar with the maxim — although not everyone accepts change as it is, or when it comes. We often resist change, because we are enamoured by our own status quo, or comfort zone. This is erroneous; also slapdash assessment. We need to understand that life is full of ups and downs, and we should not let go our anchor when things don’t change, or fail to go the way we expect them to. This holds the key as to how mindful we are of ourselves, more so because perseverance always bids fair to long-term success.
What also holds the pivot to embracing change and thriving with it is hard, focused work and resolute commitment. This eases the splodge of everyday stress, from which no one is exempt, from our mind, body and soul. The whole idea corresponds to what, in effect, is called holistic healing from the inside out. When we engage our negative feelings and deal with them with poise and fortitude we facilitate our own internal, or resident, therapeutic feelings to work. This also represents a restorative casement epitomising the power of our sublime mind and intelligent body. It reflects our bearings too, not just the depth of our emotions — no matter the magnitude of our situation. The best part is — one need not be a psychiatrist, neurologist, or mind scientist, to decode our individual orbits of activity, talent, or sphere of influence.
Change belongs to each of us, no matter our aptitude, proficiency, ability, or zeal. When we evolve with change, which is analogous to meditation, or accepting oneself as a part of the cosmos, we are better able to achieve anything, including elevating oneself up from deep within and also from without. Anything and everything we do, or not do, encompass constant, or periodic, preparation — this may be a focused, conscious effort, or unconscious acquired skill. This is the art of living with a purpose. When you make such a practice a part of your life, it becomes a habitual, expressive form. One that is distinctively exclusive to you — like your fingerprint, or signature — irrespective of whether you are as gifted as the other individual, skilful, or average.
All of us carry such individual identities, or genetic code. Yet, it is only when we practice and live through with what we want to do, or achieve, would we amplify and expand on each emerging moment, including change. The result is a voyage of discovery and also rediscovery through what psychologists call the ‘flow experience,’ or athletes label as ‘being in the zone.’ The more you engage and cultivate the idea of ‘flow’ in everyday life, no matter your sphere of activity, the better is your ability to fasten and connect your mind for a lofty objective.
The inference is obvious — you will not only reach your highland level, you will also feel the sublime touch of your skills, just like a virtuoso batsman in transcendent form. You are now in synchrony with yourself and your environment. What does this signify? That you are also in a state not just to aspire, aim and fulfil your dreams, but also inspire others, although there is no need for you to be a leader, or CEO of a top-notch company, sports or movie icon. This is simply because your positive intent, confidence, drive, enthusiasm, and direction, signifies harmony. It also distils and integrates your path of personal evolution with a new meaning — for a higher purpose.
(The writer is a wellness
physician and author)
Rajgopal Nidamboor