There are no easy paths, or roadmaps, to success, all right — as most of us know, although not all of us accept the idea for whatever reason. Besides, success and fulfilment don’t come to people that ‘celebrate’ idleness, a gloomy temperament, or attitude, or possess a reluctance to learn. There is yet another downside: just a desire to achieve success and fulfilment is simply not enough. You have to match your desire with effort, determination, patience, and motivation.
Successful people often possess enormous passion in what they do, or want to do. They find a reason for living in each endeavour they pursue. Anyone, who embraces this convention and increases their level of enthusiasm that they possess in terms of their daily tasks, as well as long-term goals they have set, can do well in life. It is also sometimes just a question of becoming more excited about the things that need to be pursued and achieved. What’s more, the best way to do things is to ‘keep your eyes on the prize.’ In other words, staying focused on your goals. Result: you will become more of a success. Once you get into the habit of achieving such a range of goals — even if they are the ones you don’t really care about — you will get one step closer towards achieving success and, most importantly, fulfilment.
As the wise extol — one should make every moment count and focus on completing things to help achieve one’s overall mission. The motto: don’t accept interruptions, or distractions, that only discourage you from your goals. Successful people often disregard possible setbacks that peers, coworkers, family, and friends often believe in, or warn about. Whatever threatens your mind, therefore, needs to move aside for you to achieve success.
Successful people know what to do the next day. This is because individuals with a proven record of success make a list of the tasks they must complete by the next day. They also do not wait for the ‘perfect’ time to start achieving their goals, or ca­tch ‘what the stars foretell’ column in print, TV, or on the Web. They go straight for them and don’t ‘hang around’ for a particular moment to surface. No problem, if they fail in their first attempt. They simply learn from their mistakes and try again. Well, for some, the hardest part of becoming successful is rea­ching a starting point. Their motto is ‘just get a start, and go ahead.’ Most important: many a time your inner voice, the pitch only you can hear, could tell you, or urge you, to do something. Your spirit will, thereafter, push you and propel you. It will also inspire you with things you should be doing, and doing successfully, provided you heed to its echo, and also reverberation, at every step — to succeed and fulfil what you want, or wish to.
We should all remember that certain opportunities come only once in a lifetime. A successful person grasps each chance they receive and runs closer towards their goals. You should make it a habit to say, ‘yes,’ to the opportunities you bump into, even if you are filled with trepidation. In the long run, you will go much further in confirming your goals. The challenge will get the best out of you, and you will emerge successful. The inference is, of course, simple. Successful people are individuals of action, who follow their dreams. They do not allow anything to get in their way. So, cultivate this habit, day-in and day-out, and you will surely make winning your constant companion and winsome habit too.

(The writer is a wellness
physician and author)
Rajgopal Nidamboor