Our brain is life’s or nature’s marvel. It regulates, or processes, thousands of chemicals in our body with computerised precision and alacrity. It also alerts us when a threat lurks around the corner, or is waiting to surface. The brain empowers our mind, and vice versa, to grasp and understand the essence of who we are, our family and our loved ones. It also brings about and fulfils our dreams, including our fondest desires. Besides, it analyses and resolves life’s numerous issues and everyday problems, while guiding us through difficulties. Notwithstanding all the stupendous advances and progress in the area of science and technology, we are yet to understand our brain completely.
The brain has been subject to intense analysis and study over the ages — from the early philosophers to scientists in high-tech research centres across the globe. It has taken over millennia to figure out the processes and workings of our brain, albeit the organ takes just a fleeting micro-second for every (un)conscious activity to ensue and work, day-in and day-out. Picture this: a vast range of tasks that are several light years ahead of the most refined silicone chip. What’s more, our brain has all the natural, intrinsic ability, to seamlessly and ‘seamfully’ integrate functions in our ever-changing environment, or situation. It adapts to change like duck to water, at the speed of thought. It directs our inner resources including knowledge, in a variety of modes — physically, emotionally, logically and also spiritually.
The brain also heals and restores our body to optimal health, following illness, a minor or major injury, or psychological trauma. You’d call our thinking brain the healing brain — with the divine, or cosmic, therapeutic influence, the power to heal from the inside out, not just on the surface, but also from deep within. This is, of course, again, not restricted, or limited to, merely the repairing process, but it encases the ‘in progress,’ ceaseless ability to handle new, virulent micro organisms, illnesses, or deviations in our wellness states, including physical situations, pressures, or stresses of everyday life.
We are, doubtless, far too advanced today in terms of understanding the delicate intricacies of our brain and our mind. Something that our forebears would not have imagined — it reflects a sense of continuity in mind-body dynamics and science. Just think of it — our progeny would, like us, think that we, their forebears, were not as advanced, as they would be 50-100 years from now, in the areas of brain function, immune and other systems. They would sure have with the wondrous progress of tomorrow a much better level of understanding about nature’s most amazing and sophisticated organ, our brain, than perforce ever before. The saga will continue so long as our human race, the living planet, and the so-called ‘reality of life’ on other planets, which we have not yet deciphered, exist.
We all know that our brain regulates and maintains our mind-body balance, including the symmetry, or the rhythm of the spheres. The brain is nothing short of our body’s compass and radar. When it perceives the prospect of harm, it shuts down systems by design — like our computer’s anti-virus system that sounds the ‘siren’ in the face of a budding problem which endangers its workings. Our brain, endowed with nature’s own ‘firewall,’ is ‘piloted’ by insight — an elegant mix of the straightforward and the complex. This enables us to understand ourselves, including our purpose of life.
(The writer is a wellness physician and author)
Rajgopal Nidamboor