Our mind has been subjected to intense exploration and anal­y­ses for aeons – right from the early days of philosophy to modern scientific research in high-tech laboratories across the globe. While it has also taken ages to decipher, if not fathom, the milli­o­ns of intricate, complex processes and workings of our brain, the seat of our mi­nd, it’s a fact that the thinking organ takes just a fleeting moment for every (un) conscious activity to arise and work – day in and day out.

Just think of it – of the infinite range of tasks that is several light years ahead, embedded within the most sophisticated silicone chip. Well, our most gifted, natural brain has all this and more – including the fundamental aptitude to effortlessly incorporate, also mix, myriad fu­n­c­tions in our ever-changing milieu. It adapts to change at the speed of thought. It gui­des our internal awareness, data and knowledge in a mu­ltiplicity of modes – physically, mentally, emotionally, logically and spiritually, or mystically. This isn’t all – it regula­t­es and synchronises our ove­rt, or covert, conscious and unconscious functions at the velocity of contemplation – almost everything and anything in a jiffy.

Our mindful brain is our quintessential tower of str­en­gth – it heals and restores our body to optimal health, following illness, or injury, or emotional trauma. It is no small reason why our mindful brain is called the healing apparatus too – it has the therapeutic clout to heal from the inside out, not just on the surface, and from deep within. This isn’t tantamount to something that is just restricted, or limited to the repairing process, but it envelopes one ceaselessly perpetual, on-going ability – to handle new, virulent mic­ro organisms that trigger illnesses, or certain deviations in our healthy state, including physical disorders, or sy­n­dromes, aside from a variety of stressful issues, or upheavals, of everyday life.

While we all know that our mind regulates and mai­n­tains our harmonious balance, including the symmetry, or the rhythm of the sp­h­e­res, it is our brain that performs infinite, subtly orda­i­n­ed management roles as our body’s compass and radar. When it perceives the pro­spect of harm, it shuts down systems by reflex – you’d thi­nk of your computer’s anti-virus software as a simile. It is something that sounds the alarm in the face of a potential intrusion that could compromise its workings. Put simply, our brain is nature’s own “firewall.” It is driven by natural, not artificial, intellig­ence – a sophisticated fusi­on of the direct and the composite. It is this natural attribute that enables us to understand ourselves, including our purpose in life, not just existence.

This brings us to the central question – what such ins­­t­inctive mechanisms, or acts of the mind-brain-body equation connote? In simple terms, the whole idea is not­h­ing short of a programmed manifestation – one that is totally self-oriented, self-controlled and self-regulated. It functions at a completely unconscious level. We become aware of our own receptiven­ess, or awareness, to it when we move to the conscious le­v­el – of what philosophers call the “reflective” level of conscious awareness. Wh­en this occurs, we “ec­ho,” introspect, interpret, and “abs­o­rb” the multi-layered delig­h­ts of our receptive reflectivity.

This is not a complex fac­et, as one may be tempted to think – it is a vibrant component of our responsive state. It exists at the mindful, also unaware, levels of our perceptive patterns. It also resides within our observations that connect us to every facet of our being. It purports to the whole experience of the “self,” including our conscious and unconscious fun­c­tions – the versatile panorama that helps us understand the cosmos, our “self,” and every component of our (un) conscious awareness.

(The writer is a wellness physician, independent researcher and author)

Rajgopal Nidamboor