Bangalore re-elected most of its legislators

In Bangalore, 26 constituencies went to polls and it looks like people of Bangalore are happy with the sitting MLAs as 22 out of the 26 MLAs were re-elected.

The Congress did not get the response and votes it desired from the whole state, but 10 of its sitting MLAs in Bangalore performed well. All were re-elected except Priyakrishna from Govindaraj Nagar and R V Devaraj from Chickpet, according to a news

report. Congress MLA B Z Zameer Ahmed Khan, who was formerly with JD(S), was also re-elected, along with Akhanda Shrinivasamurthy, who had also switched from JD(S).

The BJP MLAs saw the same results, with 11 out of its 12 leaders getting re-elected, the one ousted from the house being Y A Narayanaswamy from Hebbal. The new entrants in the list of BJP MLAs are Uday B Garudachar and former housing minister, V Somanna.

The margins of victories varied anywhere between 2,700 and 81,000 votes. The highest was in Pulakeshi Nagar where A Shrinivasamurthy won by 81,626 votes. Sitting MLAs from Yeshwanthapura, Byatarayanapura and Vijaya Nagar saw a sharp decline in their winning margin.

In Bangalore, the verdict remained split, as opposed to the state where BJP emerged as the largest party. Out of the 26 seats in Bangalore, 12 went to BJP and Congress each and 2 seats were bagged by JD(S).