Glamour and style come together in Rina Dhaka’s latest offering

Two-weeks to Amazon India Fashion Week and designer Rina Dhaka is set to launch one collection after another. Dhaka recently created an exclusive line for Amaare, which is the Capital’s first ever multi-designer that caters strictly to men’s wear.

 Dhaka’s collection is a line of about 30-35 heavy outfits and 10-15 semi formals outfits. Some of the work is inspired by Kashmiri work— Maroriis, she adds, “I have used the Kahmiri concept of stitching which basically, twirls fabric into knots for a textured affect. Combining traditional embroidery with geometric patterns and graphical design is the focus of this collection. It features shaded ensembles, beadwork, short and long jackets in suede and velvet. There are asymmetrical silhouettes, draped styles and cowl necks.” The ethnic wear collection is contemporary in spirit which caters to grooms and wedding trousseau for men.

In a world that is churning out designers does she feel the quality of fashion is deteriorating? “Everyone from the housewife, to your supplier to even your client is so to speak ‘designing.’ The various design schools are also producing large number of students who without much apprenticeship open shop. I feel at some point there will be more designers than clients,” replies Dhaka.

At a point in time when the fashion is common in the e-commerce space, Dhaka is wants to get the formula right. She states, “ I am struggling on the model, I need to create the right collection and the right price range for it to be a successful and not just a flash in the pan.” A faithful follower of Nichiren Buddhism, Dhaka feels the practice helps her focus and drown out the noises around her. She chooses not to be part of the rat race where designers run after stylists and celebrities to wear their clothes and post all over the internet. “I feel this will wane in time, what suits a Sonam Kapoor may not suit an Alia Bhatt and vice versa. What suits either of them may not suit you; this realisation will come in time and we will see a change in the industry,” she replies. 

Amaare opened its doors to clientele in January 2017 is all set to be a one-stop destination for designer men’s wear. It brings together celebrated designers like Rina Dhaka, Ekam, Kunal Rawal, Kunal Anil Tanna, SS Homme and many more under one roof.