Separate agri budget for Telangana from this year

With farmers issues becoming a hot topic during the elections, Telan­gana chief minister K Chandra­sh­ekar  Rao has announced that a separate agriculture budget would be introduced from this year onwards. However, he clarified that there is no dearth of funds to support the agricultural sector in the state.  

Giving more details, the CM said the budget allocation will be made for giving input subsidy to farmers and also for getting the MSP (Minimum Support Price). The expenditure to be required for agriculture will be estimated and funds will be allocated in the budget so that there will not be any problem with regard to the funds, he added.

 “As far as MSP is concerned the centre should be more liberal. The MSP declared for paddy and maize should be enhanced to Rs. 2,000. A few agriculture produce have no MSP at all. Hence the centre’s policy should declare MSP for every produce in the country. For this, the state government will speak to the centre. TRS party will also mention  it in the Parlia­ment,” Rao said. He instructed the agricultural officials to take measures to enable the government to purchase the produce in case if it is not getting the required MSP in the market.

Further, the  chief  minister said that the state government is hell-bent on supporting the farmers in all aspects. Listing out the initiatives taken by the TRS government, Rao said irrigation projects are being constructed, tanks are being revived, 24-hour  quality and free supply of power is given to the farm sector, quality seed and fertiliser are made available on time, Rs. 8,000 per acre is given for two crops as input subsidy from this year onwards, one agriculture extension officer is appointed for every 5,000 acres, farmers are being organised to become a united force, agriculture university is strengthened and clarity is given on the land ownership through the purification and updation of the land records.

The CM also announced that farmers’ Investment Support Scheme (ISS) for agriculture would start from this year. By May 15, the first installment of Rs. 4,000 per acre will be given, he added.