The hundred-crore is not everything

In today’s time, filmmaking is considered to be one of the most creative profession. The Indian cinema witnessed its golden period in the early ’80s when actors and directors were given the stature of the all mighty. The indefatigable efforts and commitment towards the profession made some worthy of being called living legends.

However, the Indian cinema is stumbling these days. The root cause of the issue is the commercialisation of Indian cinema, which benchmarks its excellence at being able to join the hundred crore club. Thus we have absolute blather being showcased to people in the name of modern day entertainers. Nonsensical plots in the name of gen-next with a supporting role well played by the ever rising prices of popcorns are enough to ruin our cinematic experience after a long week at work.

Filmmaking is nothing more than a money minting process now a days. With almost no originality in the plots, the filmmakers are increasingly dependent on what was merely a fringe element in those days, such as the item numbers. These trends may have the capacity to go ‘viral’ but these cannot be counted upon for the success of a film, as they are being now.

However, a little light can be seen at the end of the tunnel. A decade ago, the audiences were not as adamant about their opinions as they are today, all thanks to social media touching every facet of our lives. The swaying minds of the audiences between meaningful and masala movies does not hold back the real talent from becoming talk of the town. Once in a blue moon, movies like Pink,Toilet and Dangal hit the theatres and force the audiences to rethink about the choice of movies they want to watch.

Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar does rekindle our faith in cinema. The film is a heart touching story of Insia, a teenage girl who aspires to be a singer and also deals with issues like domestic violence and feminism.Trailers of small budget films like Qarib Qarib Single and Tumhari Sulu have also managed to create buzz since their stories connect with the general public thus raising our level of expectations.