A faux cultural nationalism is sweeping India. Its dangerous spin off is mob lynchings. And if you go deeper into the concentric circle of this phenomenon then there is convergence of thought and ideas. Imagine sitting ministers of this dispensation batting for these despicable people. It has been a distasteful season. WhatsApp is merely the messenger or instrumenatlity, what about the mood and environment created by this shocking narrative which is leading to these lynchings? Cattle smugglers, cow vigilantes, cow slaughter are new words and terms which have taken precedence over others to enter our lexicon. Mob lynchers are out on bail, they are being garlanded by ministers while another minister is vowing justice of riot accused. In this theatre of the absurd, reasoning and rationale have been tossed out of the window as Hindu majoritarianism takes centre stage. All this has become like second skin to proponents of Hindu majoritarianism for in a polarised environment it allows them license to indulge in public lynchings in circa 2018.

India’s moral fabric is being torn apart and the general sense is that the ruling party is actively using its heft to protect lynch mobs. With accused out on bail, this cannot be happenstance and appears more of a plan. The junior civil aviation minister,.educated and erudite is guilty of cheap theatrics to substantiate his actions. He actually tweeted that the High Court had suspended the sentence of the accused and released them on bail. In this atmosphere of fear and hatred, anti minorityism is ruling the hearts and minds of the mobocracy. As happens in such an environment, the lumpen proletariat takes over.

With the BJP leadership choosing not to address these issues directly, divisiveness is taking root in India. it is a dangerous trendline which will lead to some sort of backlash sooner than later for a particular minority community is being targeted repeatedly. In Hapur the police has been left red faced for it had put together a strong case against the 11 accused based on video footage of the crime. Ditto in the Jharkhand Alimuddin Ansari lynching case, Vikram Prasad became the ninth convict to secure bail. Another hot head minister claims that Hindus are being suppressed in Bihar and the accused are being implicated in false cases.

Even as civilisations march forward, these are trying times in what is a throwback to India’s ugly past of a communal cleave which has left thousands dead. Trolls targeting India’s foreign minister is an extension of this same ugly discourse. Social media and its baggage of hate and venom are part of this neo culture, one that is tacitly being approved by the powers that be.