Editors Column
It is no small irony that at least four former and serving chief ministers have been charged for allegedly resorting to corruption of gigantic proportions. The long arm of law, it appears, has finally caught up with Lalu Yadav, Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Virbhadra Singh and Arvind Kejriwal, coincidentally around the same time.
Nearly eight weeks after the finance minister first mentioned it in passing, the government last week came out with an ordinance, which gave additional powers to the RBI in dealing with banks for resolution of non-performing assets (NPA) in a time-bound manner.
The launch of GSLV-F09, carrying the GSAT-9, described by prime minister Narendra Modi as a priceless gift to South Asia marks a big step forward in the nature of diplomacy in this region. The South Asian satellite, as it is called, that has been dedicated to six other countries must become the first step towards regional integration.
As Kashmir teeters on the brink, the Indian Army is once again at the vanguard of the clean up operation. On Thursday, cordon and search operations (CASO) were unleashed after many years in the volatile south Kashmir region. The massive operation is akin to a house-to-house search after cordoning off large swathes. The army leads these operations with the Rashtriya Rifles in pole position.
A series of electoral wins by the BJP has placed it in a strong position to get its candidate elected as the next president but the Congress-led effort to put up a fight by uniting the opposition has thrown open the prospect of a tight contest.
Right from saying that he would meet North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un under the right circumstances, boycotting the annual dinner with Washington correspondents, failing to convince his own party men to change health care laws, US president Donald Trump has done and said all the possible things that he had promised in such a short span of time that it appears financial markets have realised that h
The cut in deposit rates by the State Bank of India and the Bank of Baroda is without doubt an unkind cut. Those with small savings, among them people who are wary of entering the stock market because of its volatility, have the prospect of seeing their deposit rates drop in future. Badly hit, naturally, will be depositors with fixed incomes, and senior citizens who will likely end up worse off.
The ongoing fight between Raymond Limited and minority shareholder JHP securities once again brings back into focus the issues relating to corporate governance and lack of investor activism in India. What where other institutional shareholders doing all this while, after all they also had the same balancesheet to look at?
There is speculation that India will overtake Germany to emerge as the fourth largest economy globally by 2022. Having surpassed Great Britain in December 2016, now the next target would be to move beyond Germany in the pecking order.
Screen fatigue seems to have hit the human race big time, given that eyes are constantly exposed to various screens, from android and Apple I-phones, televisions to e-books, laptops, iPADS and computers. This over-exposure on the ‘eyes’ seems to dictate whether one would continue to watch, use and look at e-devices or not.